Error Message when making a factory backup disk for my laptop

I have an Acer Aspire 5733Z-4851-one of my programs I have the NTI Media Maker 9 was working fine then one day it stopped and it kept giving me an error that it wasn't installed properly or was changes were made. I didn't do anything but use it so not sure what happened...

So I decided to make a back up disk (should mention I recently got this laptop 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks) so I can just reset it back to orginal factory settings or whatever....went to make the backup discs and needed 3 blank.

I used 3 blank dvds, the first one worked fine then when I went to do the next one I went through I don't know how many blank disc they wouldn't work and I keep getting error: 0x9411? What's going on?
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  1. Hello OHbuckgal87;

    Did you un-install that NTI Media Maker 9 program?
    Do you have any other DVD burning programs installed?
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