Win7 won't launch, repair not working, no last good config


I restarted my computer to run the usual automatic win updates and now windows refuses to start. It's a fairly new laptop, Samsung, with Windows 7.

I tried the Repair Startup option, the Start Windows normally option, even hit F8 and tried pretty much all the boot options including the last known good configuration. They all start but hang at the "starting windows" screen for up to 24h (which is the limit I've waited on them to work).
I tried booting it with the system restore cd that came with windows but that failed as well.

I also tried booting it on cd with both vista and xp (to completely reinstall windows) but somehow it just won't boot on cd anymore (though other computers boot on those two cds, so I know that they're bootable.)

I'm stuck. If somebody has had the same problem or if this is a recurring one... I'm not a complete noob when it comes to computers but I'm no expert either.

Thanks in advance!

PS: I know there are similar threads, but the reason I'm posting this is that I read a lot of them and it seems that at least one of the options I tried worked for every one of them... So I'm stuck with this.
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  1. I finally got it to open the complete repair console. I tried restoring to an image I previously saved and to previous configs, but it failed (says there's no image nor a good known config). I also tried repairing the boot on the command prompt but it doesn't detect an installation at all ?
    Finally, I gave up on saving my data and clicked on the factory settings restore. It seemed like it worked, then it says "Windows is gonna restart, do not shut it down manually". It rebooted, now I get to the Windows logo, but it keeps rebooting on loop. It has been doing it for the last 36 hours or a little bit more.

    I have a live Ubuntu key, someone knows if it's a good idea to try and access my data/repair through Linux?
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