Windows Freezes at Shutdown Screen

Sometimes, but not always, when I am restarting or shutting down my computer Windows freezes at the Shutdown screen, the little circle thing just stops spinning and nothing happens. I just built this computer a few days ago, installed every possible update/driver. Not very savvy when it comes to BIOS stuff or whatever the root of this issue please help!!

I am running the following:

Gigabyte X77 UD3H Motherboard
Intel 3570K
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB Memory
GeForce GTX 660 GPU
Windows 7

Only programs outside of stuff that came with MB, GPU, etc is League of Legends. I noticed Easy Tune 6 was installed with the MB disc, messed around with it a bit but read bad things so deleted it. Thats all i can think of...let me know if more info's needed to help me out!

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  1. Anyone? Help!
  2. It's time you take a look at everything running and starting up when your computer does.

    I would recommend using Autoruns.

    Not sure what all those things are? Go to HERE for help with identifying those pesky startup items.

    I'm recommending this because there are usually unwanted things installed and end users never realize they are there until they look.
  3. To your point, i looked into the programs that are running but since this computer is brand new and i have no software, its very minimal. I have even tried restarting it then going right into a shutdown just to make sure nothings going that shouldnt be. I also did this disconnected from the internet to make sure nothing was installing/downloading for windows.

    What doesnt make sense, is when i hit shutdown, it goes through the process, gets to the screen where it says shutting is spinning...then about 5-10 seconds in circle stops (freezes) and nothing happens. No matter how long i leave it, it never completely turns off.

    To me that seems like either windows error or BIOS, but i am too novice to troubleshoot.

    Anyone else?! Please, this is driving me crazy having to force shutdown all the time (plus it cant be good for the computer).
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