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OK, so I am frustrated here. I've tried to post my reply to this article - Who Designed This Crap? Toshiba Tech Support Needs Help, but all I get is "An error occurred, please try again later" even when I've tried again later, and even when I have accounts at Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, I have been unable to post. My extreme apologies if this is the "wrong forum" for this post.

About this article, I personally would have expected something better from an "IT Pro," and as such, I am disappointed.

IMHO, one thing that could have been done is to delete the offending device from Device Manager, then reboot the computer. When the computer restarts, it would look for the device driver for that device, and reinstall it. If it did not find it, then it should be a very simple task to find a driver for the device, and install it properly. There is little difference between 7 versions, and certainly no difference in the driver between versions.

The author also states that he had a bad experience with support at Toshiba. Personally, I would have asked to speak with ascending supervisors until I got someone who actually knew how to diagnose the problem without telling me to reinstall the OS. That was a choice the author made, and it is not Toshiba's fault that the author of the article made that choice.

Lastly, I've bought two Toshiba laptops within the past 20 months. One for my wife, and one for myself. With both, we could not be happier and have had absolutely no problems with them except as noted below.

I did, however, trip over the ethernet cable, and it pulled out of it's socket, breaking the socket so that the cable would no longer stay in the socket. I called Toshiba tech support about this, explained to them what had happened, that I knew it was my fault, and that I was willing to pay for the repair. I was issued an RMA ticket, I was sent a special box in which to return the laptop, I returned the laptop, and in about two weeks, I had my laptop back at no charge. IMHO, that is what I call customer service.

IMHO, it is easy to blame someone else for one's own lack of knowledge or one's own bad choices, and pushing the "blame" off on someone else simply allows one to avoid taking responsibility for one's own shortcomings and lack of personal improvement. In my opinion, this was a sloppy article.

Given that, it is good to point out when a tech support organization has shortcomings as people who have little technical knowledge will be at their mercy when facing a problem; however, as my experience indicates, that kind of situation does not happen all the time, and, in fact, tech support agencies do, from time to time, actually solve customer problems.

BTW - I have no association with Toshiba other than being satisfied with our ultra-light-weight 13.3" laptops and my experience with their technical support.
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  1. IMO - his Atheros chipset was faulty.

    I had a wireless atheros chipset in my laptop - and it was absolutely horrible. I had to use hacked drivers because the regular drivers were garbage. I was able to see WIFI networks - but would only be able to connect for mere seconds with Atheros "official" drivers.

    I tried uninstalling -reinstalling - everything. And I know my stuff - i've been working with computers for over a decade now.

    I will never buy another atheros wifi chip again - or anything with an atheros chip in it.
  2. It was a horribly written article that had a huge bias based off his lack of IT knowledge and the fact that he didn't try to contact a higher up. What do you expect a Tier 1 to do with a threat of "I'm going to be posting about this on a blog" they don't give a crap? I would have asked to speak to a manager or have tried calling a different number till i could solve the issue.

    The guy who wrote it seemed to me to be very lazy, ignorant, and overall unwilling to try different routes to solve his problem even though he's an "IT" person. I think that article should be removed because it's not an article at all it's just an unwarranted rant from some guy that was lazy and it wrongfully makes Toshiba look like the bad guy in this situation.
  3. Indeed.

    He should have dug a little deeper, I get the effect that he wrote the whole article in an angry state therefore may have clouded some of his judgement.

    However - tech support for companies does need to kick it up a notch - I know Dell has gotten much better with faulty hardware lately after years of getting bashed for horrible "tech support" - and if you tell them exactly what you did/didn't do they will outright replace faulty components as long as it's under warranty.
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