Quieter fan for Alpha PAL8045 heatsink?

Hi -

I'm about to order the parts for the new system I'm building (configuration at bottom), and I need advice on which fan to buy to go with my Alpha PAL8045. The system will be used for audio recording/production, so I need it as quiet as possible, without causing cooling problems of course. I've been told the standard fans for the PAL8045 are just short of jet engines haha... so I need some better options.
Also, can anyone advise on quiet-and-effective fans for my Antec SX840 case? I plan to use rounded-IDE cables for improved airflow, so hopefully that will help a bit as well.

I will not be overclocking, so if the PAL8045 would be overkill in the first place, please let me know and suggest accordingly :)


<b>System Config:</b>
<i>* denotes already own part, may upgrade later
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Motherboard: Asus A7V266-E
RAM: 512MB DDR2100 from Crucial, 1DIMM
Hard drive 1: Maxtor 40GB D740X Ultra ATA 133 (OS/Programs Drive)
Hard drive 2: Maxtor 40GB D740X Ultra ATA 133 (Work/recording drive)
Case: Antec SX-840
Heatsink: Alpha PAL8045
Fans: <b>help me out with this!?</b>
Video: Matrox G400 AGP 32MB DualHead* (plan to get a midrange geforce3 soon)
Sound: Soundblaster Live! Value PCI*
Network: SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI 1211 series*
CD-ROM: Memorex 40X IDE*
CD-RW: Sony Spressa CRX140S 8X SCSI* (currently with basic Tekram DC-315/U SCSI card - may upgrade to something external firewire or USB2.0 soon)
Mouse: Logitech MouseMan Wheel*
Keyboard: Logitech Internet Keyboard*
Floppy: have one but it's old*
Monitor: 19" Viewsonic PF795*
OS: Windows 2000*
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  1. Sunon and Taisol make quieter fans. I use the thermalright sk6 with a 60 mm generic case fan. It's only 4500 rpm and 1.9 cfm, but my cpu temps still dropped 3-4 degrees.
  2. actually... a good idea would be to get a powerful fan but with a rheostat.

    i got a rheostat with my 80mm delta equipped MCX-462.
    when cranked back to 4000rpm it sounds quite acceptable.
    and of course u dont have to use a delta.

    i would suggest a medium level panflo... with that and the alpha you should get great cooling with little noise. even some overclocking ;)

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