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I'm in the process of building a new pc for myself and am wondering if anyone has any insight into dual Athlon stuff...

My main question is can you run dual XP's on a Tiger or Thunder board? I know you can run dual MP's in SMP but past that I'm stumped.

Also I'm debating if I should go on and get one of those Tyan boards crrently on the market or wait until the MPX chipset comes out and get a Tiger MPX or get the new Asus A7M266-D when they become available.

Mucho mucho thanks,
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  1. Yes you should be able to, but if you want to overclock you should get the MP because of its closed L1 bridiges.
    I would wait for the MXP chipset to come out.

    How long will it take for bill to make a stable and secure os?
    15 years and counting!
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