Odd issue with XP 1700+ on A7V266

On occasion, my system will give me a "Your system has recovered from a serious error" and it will freeze during shutdown. When I power it off manually, and then restart a couple of times, it will boot directly into the BIOS safe mode at 100MHz/100MHz FSB, tell me the CPU hung due to "improper CPU speed" and allow me to set it to 133/133 again. I reboot, and no problem...until it happens again. Any ideas?

AMD 1700+ CPU
Asus A7V-266 (latest 4-in-1 drivers, BIOS dated 10/01)
512MB Crucial PC2100 RAM
VisionTek GF3 Ti-200
SB PCI-512 sound
Windows XP Professional
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  1. Have you got the A7V266-e? If so, do you have the jumpers on the board set to Palomino?

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  2. Check if your temps are not to high, and that the PCI bus speed is set to 1/4 of your FSB (133/4=33).

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  3. try updating the BIOS to the very NEWEST Version......if that doesnt help, than try re-installing windows......could also be that the XP isnt gettign enough voltage from ur A7V266 MB.......some people have to increase the voltage on there XP's to 1.8 VCore on certain Motherboard's.....give it a shot....

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