Looking for a gaming Laptop?

Hey, so I'm basically going to university later this year and would like a gaming laptop.

(I know Desktop is preferable, however I'm going to be travelling between uni and home between Semesters, and going to library and stuff, if I can be bothered to do work, haha. Just makes life easier.)

I am wondering whether it is possible to get a good gaming laptop that can match or even better beat my current desktop:
Processor: E8400 3.00ghz
Gfx: Nvidia 2 x 9800GTX in SLI
4gb DDR 2 Ram 1066mhz
500gb Hard drive

So with a budget of a maximum of say £1200, what is the best gaming laptop do you think I could purchase? :)

Obviously I'm never going to max out everything but I don't play at high resoloutions anyway so we'll see. :)

Any pointers would be great, especially what sort of graphics card I should be aiming for.

Thanks very much in advance :)
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  1. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/


    what country are you in, cause idk if these places ship outside the US or not
  2. UK, hence using pounds. :D
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