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I finish installing my brand new computer and it's sweet. I'm not asking for help, but instead share my success. I have Antec SX1040B w/AMD 1600+, Abit KR7A-raid, Creative Lab X-Gamer, Chaintech Ge-Force 3 Ti200, Western Digital 40gig 7200 rpm, Plextor 24/10/40A burner, Crucial 256-DDR PC2100. I especially like the case alot.

From the start, I took out the retail HSF (CoolerMaster)and replace it with Swiftech MCX370. Never like the stock HSF because I'm paranoid abut heat issue. Purchase and install 1 of 2 optional intake case fan w/enermax temp control fan. I'm more concern about the exhuast fan and the Antec case comes with two exhast fans to make me happy.

I did have 2 problems while installing my new computer. First it didn't boot up, but that was due to the ram not properly seated in the dimm slot. Second my hard-drive which already have Window 2K installed didn't boot-up to Window GUI. Previous, the hard-drive was working with an Intel Celeron 300a processor. After proper installing the ram and formatting the hard-drive to Win XP Pro, the computer booted up effortlessly to Window GUI.

I installed the raid contoller and the Via 4 in 1 driver first. Than I installed the temp software and found out my CPU like to stay at 38C. How cool is that!!! Another cool aspect is, I still using 14 inch monitor, but going to get 17 inch monitor for free. My uncle brought an Itel base machine that comes with 19 inch LCD and is willing to give me his 17 inch monitor.

Future upgrade: Two 40 gig 7200rpm ATA 133 in raid-0, DVD player or DVD burner to rip DVD.

I'm very please with my computer and one of my Uncle did help me (not the one that is giving me the 17 inch). Finally I would like to say:
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
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  1. VERY nice system. Have fun!

    <font color=red>MERRY</font color=red><font color=green>CHRISTMAS</font color=green>

    <font color=blue>Remember.... You get what you pay for. :smile: All advice here is free.</font color=blue> :wink:
  2. Thanks, and I will enjoy my system alot.
    I didn't even have a floopy drive in my system yet, and probably won't need one.
  3. you do need a floppy drive, the floppy disks are safest when they are in the drive. take them out and they are gone!

    that is, if you do use the floppy disk for something sometime.

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  4. Well sometimes floppies are needed, though. For example, you install Win2K from scratch on a Abit KG7 with RAID enabled. You press F6 during install and bloddy Windows asks you to put the drivers disk into floppy! You can't even define a path for the file! Darn!!!

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  5. Yes, its 2001 and yet Windows are in the floppy age looking for the driver floppy before prompting for the correct path (usually on a CD)! So M$ still assumes everybody ships their drivers on a floppy and that not everybody has a CD-ROM reader on his system!

    Bootable CDs are much more reliable, and the El Torito spec for bootable CDs actually emulates the floppy, so there shouldnt be any problem with that to boot off the CD and install the IDE RAID driver! But you do need a floppy (and the requisite drive) to get the boot image for the bootable CD!


    <font color=red>No system is fool-proof. Fools are Ingenious!</font color=red>
  6. I don't see what the problem is with your guys Retail Athlon/Athlon XP Retail fans....

    I'm usign one on this AMD Athlon XP 1700+ system with the retail HSF and the TIM on it, and the thing idles at 41 Degrees celcious and NEVER goes over 43 even under max load, and thats with the Retail Boxed fan....I have friends with high-performance/expensive HSF Solutions and they get the same or HIGHER why does everyoen say the retail fan is crap when it runs really good here...... of the System...

    AMD Athlon XP 1700+ w/ Retail HSF
    Epox 8KHA+ (Amazing board, A-F*CKING-MAZING)
    512MB CL2 Infineon DDR
    Abit GeForce 2 MX-400 64MB
    Pioneer 16X DVD-ROM
    LG 16x10x40 CDRW
    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    SMartLink 10/100 PCI NIC
    Antec SOHO File-Server Case w/ 10 Bays and 300 Watt Power Supply

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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  7. My previous computer did have floppy drive, but can't remember the last time I use it. It have been that long since I use the 1.44 diskett. I use my Plextor 99.9 percent of the time to tranfer data. Even my uncle comment "even some of the new computer don't even have a 1.44 floppy drive". Plus, he custom built more computer than I ever do in my lifetime.

    And, yes floppy does have longer live in floppy drive. You sometime get a corrupted disk or bad sector when moving or tranfer a floppy around.
  8. Like I said, I'm paranoid about heat. There are too much problem assoicate with heat that cause the computer to be unstable. That's the reason why I choose the Antec case and Swiftech HSF. Antec has great air flow, plus the new 400 watt power supply is more quiet & produce less heat.
    Swiftech only cost me $38 dollar and the retail HSF will given to my older brother as Christmas present.

    My system only produce 35C at idle and 38c at normal operation. I use Winbond Hardware doctor and SiSoftware to look at my CPU temp. There is nothing wrong with retail HSF; I personally didn't like it. I prefer using Swiftech to get my CPU temp under 40C. I do plan to overclock the computer somewhat. I would like to overlcock to XP 1700+ speed. Does anybody know how use the bios on the kr7a to overclock. What the setting would be to get XP 1700+ speed?
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