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Hi guys, I'm looking for a <~$1200 laptop as I start college in September. (Comp Sci.) I hope to have one that will be able to handle any college programs I will need as well as play some games (Mainly SC2, perhaps some FPSs too). I'd like to have this laptop for the next 4 years if possible.

I was looking at some of the ones on and was thinking maybe the CZ-12 [2] or the P151HM1. What do you guys think of them or would you sugest something else?

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  1. Hello Skelet0n;

    For your educational and entertainment needs you could get along easily with a decent $500 laptop.
    It's wanting to do some gaming that's going to push the price up a bit to the next level.

    Here is a great deal at the moment:
    HP Pavilion dv6 Select Edition Core i5 "Sandy Bridge" Laptop under $800.
    Configure to just above $1000 so you can use the 30% coupon code.
    For example, add: Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, 7200rpm HDD, Bluetooth, Hicapacity Li-Ion battery. Roughly $758.
  2. Besides a gaming laptop from checkout
    They have custom gaming laptop options from Asus, Clevo/Force/Sager and MSI. They'll do price matching. Or give student and military discounts on certain models.

    You can also compare those with the Dell XPS 15" Core i7 1920x1080 LCD model
  3. I would greatly recommend what WR2 has suggested. Personally I'd check out first. They offer performance for a price that is nearly unbeatable most of the time. But the HP he linked is another extremely popular option right now. Many are recommending it, and if you are comfortable with the brand HP, it's hard to find something better for the money.
  4. I'va had some pretty terrible experiences with HP in the past to be honest (DV6000 series had 3 major hardware faults), but if it's recommended, I'll take a look at it.

    Can any of you recommend one towards the top end of my budget? 15 inch as it has to be portable for college.
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