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the asus 1001p netbook comes preconfigured with a 100 and 150gb partition (at least I think so, don't recall partitioning that myself). I have linux installed on one partition and the Windows 7 Home starter built-in (installed from netbook rom I believe) is on the partition. Could I wipe both those, reformate and re-size and repartition the internal 250gb hard drive and then reinstall windows 7 home prem and ubuntu 10.04 (likely netbook remix) from.

TL;DR on asus 1001p netbook which has no dvd/cd-rom drive, how can I install windows 7 home premium from usb-drive (or external hard drive) when it came installed with windows starter.

Half the hard disk was filled with bloatware.
I like having multiple partitions.
I like customizing my drives the way I want.
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  1. johntkucz said:
    the asus 1001p netbook comes preconfigured with a 100 and 150gb partition
    It did not come pre-configured that way. There is a small hidden partition for the Win7 Starter OS recovery option (not ROM) and the rest was the primary Win7 OS partition.

    It's not necessary to wipe and reformat a drive to re-size the partitions.
    But after you re-size the drives anyway you want it's possible to reformat the drive just like you would any other drive.

    Easiest way to upgrade Win7 Starter to Home Premium is with the Upgrade Anytime option over the internet.
  2. I already had a copy of win 7 home prem and just needed to install it. I may try to install off a flash drive, but have 10.04 ubuntu net remix on it, which is great. That little netbook holds up well for such a tiny "laptop". Also, I didn't fully understand what you meant about the OS recovery option as when I first got it, it had 150/100 partitions. I ahve long since repartitioned that though .

    Also, on a side note, after repartitioning a 500gb dell laptop in about 4-5 partitions and then noticing the headache when I wanted to add more of something and decrease some kind of data normally on set partitions, I realized with some systems I will have lean towards less partitions. When I get my 2TB internal for my rig, however, I would have about

    5-6 or more partitions and I am certain I won't run into snags with those because the data on them is well-defined. I guess a good consideration is, if working with limited (smaller) hd space, only partition when know precisely set amount. I like hte ability to copy some data off a repartition and reformat the drive and also to save data if another partition crashes.

    Anyways, thanks for the response!
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