AMD System (Sound OK?)

I was all set to rush out & get an AMD XP 1800+, & now after doing some research have some reservations. Here is the setup I am contemplating & curious to know if this will provide adequate cooling for the proc. Thanks in advance, Rick
AMD XP 1800+ with Dragon ORB-3 HSF
Enlight 7237 case with 340W power supply.
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  1. I would personally not place too much faith in Dragon Orbs. They have decent cooling performance, but I've heard of fans failing a little too often for my taste.

    I would say either go with one of the following choices:

    ThermalRight SK6 for decent cooling in constricted spaces
    Alpha 8045 for excellent cooling at a good price and a superior mounting system
    SwifTech MCX-462 for absolute best air cooling (and superior mounting system)

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  2. Stop doing research and just get the retail heatsink.

    If you dont plan to overclock the retail hsf is more than adequate, just put it on and forget it, no need to even install temp monitoring software. If it dosent lock up its fine!

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    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  3. Amen to that!

    It's a shame we have only one soul to sell...
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