Sony Vaio dead

Hi gang

Got a Sony Vaio PCG-7185m around 18months old.

Power light comes on as does charge lightg but pressing power switch produces nothing. No more lights no hd activity no fan nothing at all.

Power supply is fine but nothing happens.

Could it be purely down to the fan being broken?

Comes apart easily but not sure how to proceed?

Any help please?
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  1. Hello stanna;

    And no beep codes?
    Not likely it's a fan problem as the root cause.
  2. Thanks for reply

    Just an update

    No beep codes, nothing at all

    Left it charging overnight and batt appears charged as led has gone off.
    Power led is permanantley lit but nothing.
    Take out battery power led off press power button led lights battery led flashes but nothing.
    Power led remains lit until battery removal.

    Very odd!
  3. You might want to take a look at your RAM. Odd thing about laptops (based on my experience with some repair work I did on both a Sony Vaio and a few Dell Inspirons) is that if the RAM is not properly seated, or just simply bad, the laptop doesn't power on. No POST, no video, no nothing. Reseat the RAM or replace them, and voila. Power.
  4. Thanks mate.

    Gave it a go. Used different memory got nothing. Tested Sony memory in another pc and it worked ok.

    Seems a bit more to it.

  5. Ok bit more.

    Apparently lappy would not turn off. Screen went off but power led stayed lit unless batt pulled.

    Took off heatsink from CPU and thermal paste is dry.

    Is it possible the CPU might be dead due to overheating. When i got it the bag it was in was very warm.

    Did say they had a virus. Anyway a virus could have shut off fan or bypassed something to cause overheat?
  6. Hi all,
    Exact same situation here too with a PCG-7185m, of similar age (16/17months).

    Stanna, have you made any progress with diagnosing your issue? Have tried a new battery, reseated the memory, and removed hdd and cdrom drive (in case either component may have been causing a short somewhere).

  7. No Eddie

    Im no further on. Tried testing another CPU from a HPG60 but nothing doing.

    Seems to be a power supply problem but cant test the power board.

    Must be something simple.
  8. Have you breadboarded your machines? I think it's time you thought about replacing your motherboards.
  9. I have the same issue with Sony Vaio PCG-71318L
  10. I've had a Sony E series laptop, when i turned it on then there is black screen (off black color) only power light is powered up and fan is working, no HDD light is powered up. In short, there is no POST. I can assure that there is no problem in motherboard as 2 or 3 out of 50 times system boots and POSTs successfully. Possible causes and solutions?

    Thanks in advance
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