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Hi folks. I bought a laptop today off of craigslist. It's an HP Compaq nx6325. The only thing wrong with it is the battery does not work. In Windows, all that pops up is that no battery is detected when the battery is indeed plugged in. I'm guessing that the battery is just dead, but I want to make sure that something else isn't wrong besides the battery being dead. So here's my question:
-Should I just go ahead and buy a battery off of eBay and see if it works? I'm looking at picking up this one:
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  1. If the battery was broken, then it would be understandable. If it is dead, then it should still be detected when popped into the laptop.
    I'd go ahead and buy a battery, although, I wouldn't buy from ebay...
  2. The battery you showed me earlier looks much different then that one... are you sure they're compatible with your laptop? Not any battery will fit or work.
  3. According to the listings, they both are compatible. The laptop is an HP nx6325. The second one would protrude from the laptop as it is a "travel battery".
  4. Well, do you see how it would fit into the laptop? I haven't seen your laptop model before, so I don't know what is compatible, and what isn't, but since the batteries look different(...)

    I'd go ahead and buy that battery... It might be damaged, or if it isn't, then the connector between the battery and the lappy is...

    Come back when you find out the results :)
  5. Started a new thread regarding another battery that I bought. This thread can be closed.
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