K6-2 fsb and Athlon 1500+

What is the fsb of a 350mhz K6-2? Also, how much of a performance increase would I see upgrading from a 350mhz to a Athlon 1500+ XP? I use the internet, word processing, and play many simulator games, and listen to music, many times simultaneously. I am aware that the graphics card, memory, and other factors contribute to performance increase, but I would like to know strictly the processor's performance.

Thank you.
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  1. the FSB of K6-II 350 is 10 MHz and that of a AthlonXP 1500+ is 133 MHz (266 DDR), the performance difference between the two is immense, but for simple use you can stay with your 350. Even I use my K6-II 350 system on a older RedFox ALiAGP (that doesnt have ATA/66) and dont find any reason to upgrade!

    But for simulator games and heavy multitasking you do need a hefty system, especially with more memory, 256~512 MB.

    The upgrade will gratly help you, but I suggest you keep your 350 for simpler tasks as a second machine.


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  2. 10 mhz? you do mean 100 right? lol

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  3. the k6-2 should be a 100mhz fsb.

    a different from 350mhz to 1400mhz. You do the math! lol!
    yes you will notice a what, 1400/350, 1, 1050 left over 700, 1050 ... ahh P0 performance increase!!! not to mention the enhencements like 3d-now and sse. As well as the athlon can do more at one time. Then you got the fsb enhencements and RAM enhancemnts. Your talkin 00 increase in performance. So if your asking yourself rather it is worth upgrading. ahhh yes it is very much worth upgrading.

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  4. yes right, the membrane keys on the keyboard are quite stiff from cold. i did meant 100 MHz!


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  5. Most programs will run at least 4x faster. Certain high end programs such as new games, video editing, and so forth will run about 8x faster. Not taking hard drive performance into account.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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