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My hp probook 4320s cannot display beyond the curser. It gives a black background with the curser in white. I have windows 7 professional
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  1. Does the cursor move? Or is it just a frozen image?
  2. I take it this is when you are loading Windows, or windows is loading. It sounds like you have a bad or corrupt driver quite possibly the mouse/keyboard driver which is why it is stuck in the middle of the screen. Or the next driver in the startup bin file. Or I think Win7 uses an XML file. If this is occurring while windows is loading then reboot into the screen that gives the options of Safe Boot, etc. There should be an option to load the last configuration that worked. Did you install any new programs or anything right before this started happening? If so choose the configuration before that install. If you do not have automatic backup enabled, then use your recovery disc that came with your probook and see if it can repair the corrupt driver. There are other ways to repair this but my reply would be several pages long. Good luck.
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