Athlon 1900+ Overheating Feedback

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas,
I wanted to get some feedback from the list members who have AMD Athlon XPs. I just built my dreamsystem and am having some freezup issues with my setup (see below for sys details). I have a Athlon 1900+ with a Swiftech MCX-370 CPU Cooler (I applied a very small amount of thermal compound between the CPU and cooler, yes I used the correct type for my setup) At startup, my CPU runs fine. However after some time (using hardware doctor on my mobo) my CPU gets up to 64 degrees cel and my case temps at 33 degrees cel. Then the freezing of the OS starts. I have read AMD says the CPU is ok to 90 degreess celcius, but I am thinging they are on crack. I spent some time on the phone with Microsoft and they thing the processor temps are way to high (and the error codes reflect this they say on the windows lockup)

My question is:
-What temps are you guys seeing (assuming you are lockup free).
-Is 64 degrees celcus max too high??
-Should I remove the thermal compound and just use the pad?
-Need the copper CPU cooler for $75 bones??

I am running Win XP Professional (I have all the updates and correct drivers) and purchased top of the line stuff (so I think). Any feedback will be appreciated.

Here is my setup
Coolermaster ATC-210
Abit KR7R-Raid Mobo
Swiftech MCX-370 CPU Cooler
Athlon XP 1900+
2x 512MB DDR Infineon Memory
Antec 450w power supply
PNY GeForce 3 Ti500
Sounblaster Audigy Platinum
TDK 24x burner
HiVal 15x DVD
Zip drive
4 HDs (80GB,60GB,40GB,20GB)

I have read that AMD recommend in not using thermal compound and affing the cooler using only the supplied pad on the cooler. What is you expierence with this?

Any recommendations? I have saved up for this system and I am a little upset with the lockups... thanks for taking the time to read this and offering a suggestion.

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  1. What sort of case are you using, and how many fans does it have? Besides the CPU, the chipset, and the video card, those hard drives are going to be raising your ambient temperature as well. Airflow is going to be crucial in your case, I'd say, and that's going to be all about the casefans. You might also want to re-evaluate where the tower sits. is it in an enclosed space, like in a computer desk? Is it up against a wall? That'll affect temperature, as well.

    As for my experiences with thermal issues, I'm running an Athlon 1700+ with a decent cooler in a mid-size tower with 80mm fans for both intake and exhaust, and the case is left open more often than not. I usually get CPU temps between 48-55C and ambient temps between 25-30. The biggest thing I learned is that a rise in the ambient temperature of a single degree is going to result in the CPU temp going up 2-3 degrees. Getting good case fans and leaving the case open helped a lot.

    If you have only a mid-tower case with two fans, you might think of adding an extra fan for exhaust, if possible. Antec makes a decent workstation case with 300W PSU and room for four fans for about 100-130. If you can find it without the PSU, it'd probably be about $50 less.
  2. Your temp is way to high, it's best to have a temp between 40-50 C.
    It's best to remove the pad from the cooler and clean it with isoprophyl alcohol, then apply a little drop of thermal compound (Arctic Silver 2 is the best) on the core (die) of the CPU after you have cleaned that aswell, and spread it to a very thin layer. Look at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for a guide about applying thermal compound.

    Merry Christmas.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  3. Make sure you have enough case fans. Also, I'm not sure if the Swiftech MCX-370 is rated for the XP 1900+. It does sound like a heat issue though.

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  4. That's weird!! With the Swiftech MCX-370, you should be getting much better temps than that. I would check to make sure the HSF is seated properly.

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  5. which if the HDs are using RAID and by what order?
    -not related to your original question, but ment to help with performance.

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  6. -Should I remove the thermal compound and just use the pad?

    You should only use the thermal compound pad or thermal paste not both. I would remove the thermal pad and clean the heatsink with some alcohol where the thermal pad was and use thermal paste (artic silver 2) in its place.

    Just be sure that when you remove your heatsink and put it back on that you take your time and be careful.
  7. He caused his own problem.

    "remove the compound and just use the pad"


    Take off the heatsink and remove the pad with alchahol and soapy water, let it dry and apply a VERY THIN coating of artic silver to it, then re apply the heatsink.

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  8. make sure the HSF fan is attached in the right orientation. It actually does make a difference. I originally put my HSF on the wrong way (and the HSF was not in full contact with the core). I then flipped it 180 degrees and it worked fine.
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