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I currently have a PIII-450 @ 100Mhz (including the RAM), and a Geforce DDR card.

I recently purchased an Audigy card and have become addicted (!) to Giants - excellent game! Only problem is the framerate could be better.

I already have a stick of 256Mb 133 RAM, so am thinking about u/g to a PIII @ 1Ghz (saw one at a computer fair in UK for £100 the other week, bargain!).

Would this be enough to run all the latest games? How much better would P3@1Ghz/133FSB be than P3@450Mhz/100FSB? Are there any comparisons on the web for these two CPUs?

Have games reached the point where >1Ghz makes no difference?


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  1. Check the database of Madonion.com. Run a 3DMark2000 or 2001 while you are online and compare your results with other users.

    A jump from 450 to 1000 would clearly help a lot but in 3D gaming, its the video card that makes the difference. Maybe you should spend your money for a better vid card (GeForce 2 GTS + DDR maybe).

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  2. Well the vid card is important, but a move to the P3 1 ghz will make a tremendous difference for you, not only are you getting a 550mhz increase in processor speed but your going from 100-133 on your bus.It will deffinetly run any game out there nicely. Get a Radeon 8500 and you'll really be hummin.

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  3. Depends on your card. If your running at least a TNT2 (full version, not M64/Vanta), you'de get roughly equal results from either upgrading your CPU or your card. If your running a worse card (such as the MX200, Rage 128, G400), upgrade the card first. If your running a better card (original MX, MX400, GTS/Pro/Ultra, GF2Ti, GF3), upgrade the CPU first.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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