Laptop Temperature Normal?

Is this core temperature normal?
Tj. Max: 105c min. max. load
Core#0: 67c 60c 88c 34%
Core#1: 62c 59c 86c 32%

Processor information
Model: mobile inter pentium T4500(penryn-3m)
Platform: socket P (mFCPGA-478)
Frequency 2210.02Mhz(200.91 x 11.0)
Vid: 1.1500v
Revision: R0
CPUID: 0x1067A
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  1. Touch your laptop, and that's the best way to tell if it is over-heating. From the temperatures that you post, it's a bit high. Keep your laptop on a hard surface while using it, rather than on pillows or beds, to maintain proper air-flow.

  2. If this is idle then it is very high. If under load, still a little high. Is it dusty? Is the airflow blocked?
  3. d air flow isnt block. Actually, before the time that i cleaned it, the temperature was 50-70. Then the temperature goes hot after i finish cleaning the fan. idunno why, but i think the reason was the heat sink sticks with the processor. I hav no thermal paste, sorry for my english. im only 14 yrs old
    . Btw thanks for the reply
  4. No thermal paste? You definitely need some. I'm surprised it isn't hotter without paste.
  5. i dont know where can i buy. what can be an alternative for that? =.=
  6. In computer shops,and places that sells electronics. Walmart*maybe,best buy and radioshack, online. Or maybe try with mayonnaise.
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