5760x1080 eyefinity display to act as 3 x 1920x1080 monitors

First of all I weren't sure if this question should go into the GPU section but I think it's linked to windows 7!

I have an eyfinity set up with 3 x 1080p monitors. When I play a game in eyefinity I turn my screens on to act as one 5760x1080, but when I'm finished playing games I turn it back to 3 separate monitors for general reasons. I was wondering if there is any software or programs out there that has the ability to set your 5760x1080 display to eyefinity when gaming but at the same time when not gaming it lets you use your monitors separately. For example I usually have 1 monitor for for each purpose (internet/editing/social media) but with eyefinity turned on everything is spread over the 3 screens.

Also does this software allow for your taskbar to be expanded across all 3 screens? that would be incredibly useful!

I am currently running windows 7 64 bit if that makes a difference
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  1. IDK about software to automatically switch between Eyefinity 5760x1080 and triple 1080p, but I've read about some programs that can run task bars on multiple screens and might find something with a quick Google search.
  2. Yeah iv'e heard of that before but Iv'e also heard of one that can switch between 5760x1080 and 3x1080 so I guessed it would be included in that program... I tried googling it but there are too many keywords that give me the wrong answers!
  3. Hi :)

    Try reading up on >>> ULTRAMON

    All the best Brett :)
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