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I'm after a new I7 powered desktop. Must have 1080p screen, not needed for much gaming, more for intensive applications and having all of them open at once. Prefer screen size below 17". Must have Blu Ray drive, so that I can make use of my growing collection.
Budget of around $1500. I live in the UK, but I'm planning on picking a new one up when I'm in the USA next month on business, mostly due to the exchange rate.

So far I've looked at Sony's, as I've had a very good experience with them so far.

Currently I'm considering this one with the spec below;

Sony Vaio F series 2D Version

I7 2720QM @ 2.2GHZ Speed Boost 3.3GHZ
4GB Ram (Will upgrade to 8GB when it arrives)
16.4" 1080p screen
Nvidia GT540M 1GB Graphics card
500GB Hard drive (Will upgrade to SSD at later date)
Blu Ray read drive

$1369.99 + $67 for the extra ram (Newegg)

Any other suggestions would be much apperciated :)

Current laptop spec should be in sig below.

Also does anyone know of laptop with 2 x HDMI ports so that I could power 2 external screens?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    If the looks aren't much important for you,then consider Sager NP5165.It offers the same specs and it's cheaper
  2. This is a decent Sony laptop, but the one you found at Newegg is better:

    It cost 1350 dollars, it has a Core i7, Nvidia dedicated GT 425m, 1080p 16.4" display, it also has Blu-Ray (read AND write support), it also has 2 USB 3.0 ports, awesome combo for a Sony laptop at the price.... Totally recommend it, over Sager, which is more for gaming.

    As for a solution to get 2 HDMI ports look at this:

    You could buy the laptop you found, and buy this along with it.

    The laptop comes with an HDMI port, but using this USB device, you can add another HDMI supported Screen.

    The Graphics card is also decently powerful enough to power that kind of output performance.
  3. That Sony VAIO F224FX @ NewEgg you're considering has both a HDMI and VGA port to get your a dual external monitor setup.
  4. subscriptzero said:
    Also does anyone know of laptop with 2 x HDMI ports so that I could power 2 external screens?
    Are your plans to run a 3 screen setup with your laptop?
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