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Hello,I have an ACER aspire laptop 7540-1284 with windows 7 that makes a humming noise when turned off. I know I could just put all the sounds on mute. It just started doing this.
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  1. Is it a digital Sound? then it is probably a Windows sound...
    If you want to disable it then, click start, type Sound, when you see the list of files named Sound, click on the file that is labeled Sound, which is under Control Panel. Once that Window opens up, click on the sounds tab, and then go down to Windows Logoff, click it once, then towards the bottom of that same Window, which shows you which sound is being played, click the drop-down menu of files, and go to the top where it says (none).
    After that, click apply, ok, and shutdown your computer and see if it worked :)
  2. it makes the noise when it is completely off? or when it is turning off?
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