Which is faster i3 380m or i3-2310m

I'm looking at 2 virtually identical toshiba laptops. one is i3-380M @ 2.53 GHz, the other is i3-2310 /@ 2.1Ghz.

From reading of threads, I can't figure out if the new architecture (sandy bridge) may actually make the 2.1 Ghz faster in real life???

I don't see much other difference except the price of the 2310 is more than the 380 by about $20 in my case.

Any help in chosing would be appreciated. Thanks...
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  1. Hello sgloon;

    In terms of CPU performance alone the i3-380M has the advantage.

    Reviews and benchmarks:
    Intel Core i3-380M review
    Intel Core i3-2310M review

    In the 'big list' of mobile CPUs benchmarks they get an overall ranking of:
    #44 i3-380M
    #68 i3-2310M
    Lower rank = better performance
  2. Thanks! Do you know if there is anything else that I should consider in regard to the difference between them?

    (I have 2 toshiba computers, basically the same except for the processors as listed above, the 380 is cheaper by about $30. Which would you buy?
  3. Go ahead and link the two models so we can take a closer look at the whole package, not just the CPU.
  4. HERE ARE THE @ WEBSITES> Unfortunately, the s5271(2310M) is not on the toshiba website to compare directly, but these should give you all the main info. -the 380 -the 2310

    It looks as thought the 2310 processor/computer is ~1/4 lb heavier and has 1/2 longer battery life "rating"...although the 380 processor that I have used doesn't have near the 5+ hours it is rated at...but i is a lot longer than past batteries I have had.

    Let me know if you see other differences, etc.

    Thanks for your help, WR2.
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    The only other difference would be the graphics included on the CPU chip.
    Intel HD graphics for the i3-380M
    Intel HD 3000 graphics for for the i3-2310M

    Everything else looks to be identical, or near enough, to not make a difference.
    You might as well go with the least expensive option which also has the best performing CPU.
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  7. Thanks, WR2!

    Out of curiosity, is the 380 "a lot" faster" than the 2310? It "sounds like it based on the 2.53 vs the 2.1Hz, but somewhere I read that the 2310 would be "faster" if they were the same speed. Given that they aren't the same speed.

    I'm also curious why the "newer" one is slower then the older generation? Do you happen to know?
  8. For 1st and 2nd generation Core i CPUs of the same speed (2.1Ghz for example) the 2nd gen parts are about 15% faster. (2.1Ghz + 15% = 2.415Ghz 1st gen CPU)
  9. Excellent! Thank-you WR2!!!

    That was just what I was looking for!

    Thanks so much for your help!
  10. But what about the fact that the intel HD graphics 3000 (on the 2310m processor) performs better than the graphics on the 380m? Also, the 2310m results in better battery life. Would the 2310m + graphics 3000 combination result in better overall performance than the 380m + it's graphics?
  11. AT least for me, an updated graphics package is not an issue, so it wouldn't be worth paying extra for. And quite honestly, the extra weight to lug around is not worth the very small increment in battery life.

    Or, were you talking about there possibly being more than the 15% CPU adjustment that WR2 noted?
  12. I was just asking which combination was more powerful (i3-2310m with intel hd 3000 vs. i3-380m intel hd) without taking into account the price difference. Does anyone know?

    Also, why would the i3-2310m add weight to the machine vs. the i3-380m? Is there that much of a weight difference?
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