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I have a Probook 4520s and it overheats so I can't use more than 50% of my CPU and I know it is because of its water resistant design which doesn't leave much air vents. I'd like to ask if it is possible to change my graphics card (Radeon Mobility 5470) with another one preferably an NVidia card which doesn't use the CPU as much as ATI. If you need more information about anything don't hesitate to ask.
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  1. Hello ozanuyan;

    What CPU and Graphics card temps are you seeing?
  2. CPU goes over 70 very quickly like 2-3 minutes after I start playing a game. GPU stays at 30 most of the time and it goes to 40 max. The thing is it doesn't matter if it's a game or not.
    Even Windows Live Movie Maker makes the computer shut down when its been processing a movie for too long if I don't set affinity to one CPU.
    I tried lowering the max state of my CPU and it worked for a while but now that its summer and very hot that trick just doesn't cut it.

    Edit: I forgot to write that I will change my graphics card to NVidia no matter what so if anyone has any idea which cards can be put in place of Radeon Mobilith 5470 HD then please let me know.
  3. You should clean out your notebook's heatsinks and fans of dust with compressed air. Generally this solves temperature issues.

    On the front of GPU upgrades, this is next to impossible to do in notebooks these days. You will almost certainly not be able to switch card brands, let alone upgrade to one of the same brand. If your machine is equipped with an MXM slot, you may be in luck. You might want to contact HP to determine if your GPU is upgradable if you aren't sure.
  4. I contacted HP and they said that they don't support changing the GPU. Does that mean it can be changed or not? Because they are not saying if it can be changed or not even though I asked them specifically.

    I'll try opening my laptop probably but there are no visible screws on the laptop so should I really attempt it? There are 4 foot like things that could cover 4 screws but nothing more.
  5. Sometimes manufacturers will hide screws underneath pads and stickers, yes, but generally there are too many to hide them all.

    It's very unlikely your GPU can be upgraded. Try looking up your notebook here:
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