When are the new CPU's coming out?

I am thinking of buying a new computer soon but i don't know if i should wait until the new 0.13 micron chips (AMD thoroughbred and Intel Northwood) are released. Does anybody know when they are coming out and if they are gonna be super expensive or around the same price as cpu's are now.
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  1. I don't know when the new .13 micron cpus are coming out, but what I do know is that line of thinking will end up with you never actually buying anything ;)

    If I wait just a little while longer, I can get a faster cpu for the same price.

    2 months later...

    If I wait just a little while longer, I can get a faster cpu for the same price.

    I did that for over 9 months before I finally realized my Cyrix 133 wasn't getting any faster. :)

  2. Not sure about when Intel chips will be released for I don't buy there products. However you can look to find new AMD chips such as the Thoroughbred around April and the Barton around September. Providing they stick to their roadmap which states Thoroughbred to be first half of 2002 and barton second half 2002.

    Ofcourse they always change so I would say we at least get the thoroughbred withing the next few months, for that chips seems to be on track.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  3. Northwood is set for Jan. 7th.
  4. Like most of us care anyway. It's still underperforming, and is still very expensive, why would we spend for that? We'd still get a better bang for the buck with any AthlonXP and overclock it. Or simply wait for Tbred and feel the need for high speed=performance!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  5. Eden, may I recommend that you not make posts so brash? It is just very inviting for flames, no offense.

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  6. honestly, why do you need such speeds? don't buy a expensive cpu if your not gonna surround it with gadgets that are just as great cause then you'll either end up with a fast cpu and shitty vid card/sound card/drives and so forth, or just a fast cpu and nothing else. Well i got myself a 1800+ and its more then enough speed for me, even though i am trying to overclock (thought i might as well since i got a alpha hsf) so yea, think on that. Also waiting can sometimes work against you, RAM for instance was dirt cheap a month or so back and now its nearly double'd in price. I got a stick of crucial's 256 pc2100 ECC for about $35 a couple months back and now its upto $55, ok so not really doubled but its high again
  7. Quote:

    I seem to be lost. I heard something about the new chips sometime back, but haven't seen anything lately.

    Now it only lives in my mind and a few post about the chips.

    Could someone please lead me to some info for I could catch up. I'd appreciate it. Thanks

    defrage is child's play-fdisk
  8. I wasn't saying anything that insults it! Trolling is when you bash something for no reason like Meltdown does. I didn't say the NW is an unstable processor, nor a frying one. I said it is still underperforming and high cost, which everyone agrees here. Would you go buy one?

    Sorry but I am still very angry at Intel's cheap improvement. I expected so much from NW that it finally competes against AthlonXPs, sadly it isn't at all.
    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
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