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I have bought a new laptop therefore I wanted to put my old Toshiba 2008 Satellite back to factory settings. Tried pressing "o" when powering up but despite everything said on the web this did not work. I had a windows 7 installation 32 bit dvd disc so installed it. Everything went fine until the ticked sign came up "Finishing installing" which went on for about 3/4 of an hour. As nothing seemed to be doing anything ie no hot air from fan I stopped the procedure. So no matter what I now everything just goes round & round. When I reinstall windows 7 its looking for drivers. The C drive won't even format or if I enter RUN etc in command prompt nothing happens. Any ideas?
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  1. What drivers is it looking for?
  2. Sounds like the OEM install is gone, so now let's concentrate on the install disc.

    Boot off the install disc, make sure to format and then delete the partitions, and then reinstall windows.
  3. Try to perform a clean install of that Win7 copy you have.
    At the same time, download drivers and utilities for that make/model from the manufacturer's website (on a different machine, obviously) and save them on a flash drive or DVD.
    After the installation is done, load the drivers and install them as needed.
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