Driver for mustek bearpaw1200cu plus scanner for windows 7

is there a windows 7 driver for this scanner? :fou:
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  1. THey have Vista drivers (both x32 and x64), you can try them on Windows 7
  2. thanks any links for that?cheers
  3. what sense would packard bell make scanner that does not work on packard bell windows 7?fukin stupid.
  4. That scanner is from 2001. They have no reason to make a new driver when they can just have you buy a new scanner. I had to give away a fully operational multi-function printer from 2005 because they didn't make a Win 7 driver for it.
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    pete_45 said:
    thanks any links for that?cheers

    Go to Mustec' support page,, and drill down until you reach the link.
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