Unstable CPU voltages = a CPU problem ?!

Hello !

- I want to help my friend with a problem. His PC freezes (hangs) from time to time. He uses Win98SE, PIII 667/133MHz only for office applications.
He took his PC to a technician, that told him, that the source for his problem is unstable processor's voltages - and recommended him on replacing his CPU...
- In my opinion, theses symptoms can relate to problems with the mother board or even the power supply, and not just the CPU itself.
- Am I right ?
- What should my friend do now - really replace his CPU?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help !
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  1. Yes, it's probably a weak/failing PSU.

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  2. I agree with AMD_Man. Fluctuating voltage would first indicate psu and secondly MB.

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  3. I would agree assuming that there is even a voltage problem at all. If this tech recommended a cpu swap under these circumstances there may not be a hardware issue at all.
  4. Unstable voltages indicate a bad power supply, I get that problem with Antec, so I know some generics are much worse. My Antec power supply made my OC'd PIII unstable, so I went to an OEM power supply and cured that quickly. Any CPU that's near the edge will lock from moderate voltage changes, and any CPU at all will lock from severe changes.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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