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Help!! :CT-7VJD0 & T-Bird 1.4

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December 31, 2001 9:11:17 PM

Hi team,
I used to have(before x-mas) a Celeron 600 with 288MB of RAM. It ran things nicely untill i wanted bigger, better, faster equipment.(God I'm a computer junkie! :-]) But anywhoo, I got a Chaintech 7VJD0, T-bird 1.4GHz CPU, and 256MB of DDR RAM. So i installed all the equipment, reviewed jumper settings and plugged it up. Everything came up dandy, it was reading the correct speed, my Burner and HD were correct in there master/slave positions, RAM amount was correct and everything. So i came to windows, installed all of the drivers and started playing around a little bit, until, uh-ho, it locks up! Oh for the love of god nooooo!!! So i ws wondering what in the world could cause this. So i watched it to see if it locked up at any paticular time, mabbye it didnt like being on half past the hour or who knows. But, i noticed that only when i tried to start CPU intensive applications, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, and other games, it would lock up. So to the best i could conclude, the CPU was overheating and locking up beacuse it was sweating to hard. So i rebooted, and went into the BIOS to confirm all the correct settings, but when i went into the CPU Voltage/Frequency menu, i noticed that my CPU tempature was lingering in the high 50 to low 60's in Celcius!! I also noticed, that my CPU fan that was rated for 4800RPM's, was only turning about 3800 RPM's! So i figured to my self, "ahh what the whoie, its a heating problem, ill get a faster fan that can move more CFM" So i took off the Global Win WBK68 Heatsink/fan and took off the heatsink and turned it into a system fan, blowing fresh air from outside right over the CPU. Then I put on a Coolermaster DP5-6I31A Heatsink/fan which is rated for 27.72CFM at 5400 RPM's on my T-bird 1400. I booted up, both the fans were still running way under par as indicated by the BIOS and i began to get a little worried. The new coolermaster fan was only turning at 4200 RPM's, over 1200RPM's under par for 12V DC. So i clocked the little sweety back from its stock 1.4/266, back to only 1.0/200 on the speed/FSB clock on my motherboard. It seem's to run decent on 1.0GHz but i am concerned because I shouldnt need to underclock a CPU, in fact, everyone says that the CT-7VJD0/A are a Overclocker's dream, how come that dream has tured into a nightmare? I have checked and checked and rechecked all my BIOS/jumper settings, and at this point im fresh out of ideas. Has anyone else out there had problems with this board/CPU setup? Pleeease someone out there must have some suggestions as to what i can do to; (1) Figure out why my Fan's are running way below speed, and how to return them to there rated speed, and (2) Why am i getting the thermal problems with this processor with having 2 fans near it. I can only assume that my lockups are from the heat of the CPU. Pleeease help me! I'm sure someone out there must have this board setup and not have any problems.
P.S My CPU core voltage is 1.76 if that helps any.

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January 1, 2002 1:58:53 AM

Sounds like your psu may be stressed to its limit, and its not able to supply enough juice to the fans, what brand/rating is it.

Also, this could have been the cause of your previous lockups(although 60c in the bios is nice and high imo). A bad cheap psu with voltage issues can ruin a good computer(kill stability) download mbm and monitor your voltages to see if they change/dip when you do things.

As usual, always make sure your drivers are correctly installed, and that your bios is set up properly.

If you have a free 300wpsu sitting around, you may want to test the system with that one instead, to rule out a bad psu(unless its the same brand wattage, then you couldnt quite do that now could you.)

Report back with results for further assistance.

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