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Relative novice trying to upgrade Pentium 1, 133 Mhz with Asus P/I-P55T2P4 version 3.0. Rather than junking one of my 4 machines, I wanted to try the upgrade. Found great article by F. Volker giving step by step instructions for upgrade of my specific board using AMD K-6 2+. But I can't find the 2+ anywhere in Seattle or on the web. I can only find the AMD K-6 2, which, I understand, is workable but not as fast as the plus since it doesn't have on-die cache. Does anyone have a source for AMD K6-2+ processors?
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  1. try
    PC Trades
    10219 Aurora N SEATTLE WA 98133-9331 (206) 523-1944

    they ussually have lots of good used stuff.


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  2. BTW, you don't NEED the Powerleap adapter. I would suggest the K6-2 500, it's almost as fast as the 500+, and you can get 500MHz using 6x83.3, since your board supports 83MHz FSB and the chip converts 2x=6x. The 500 is a 2.4v processor, your board supports 2.5v, which is close enough. Heck, 2.8v is close enough, I use it often on older boards.
    You'll need proper cooling, for which I suggest an Athlon/Duron/PIII cooler. Almost any will do, since they are made for even hotter CPU's than the K6-2.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. Hi, Did you ever locate an AMD 500MHz K6-2+? I'be looked everywhere, and can't find one... Thanks, Ted

    They have K6-2+ 450 for $34.99.
  5. Yep, Crashman is right about P55T2P4. That's what i'm using right at the moment with a K6-2 500+. The mobo FSB is at 83 and the cpu reads 2X as 6X automatically, so you have 6 X 83 = ~500 mhz. Use a good quality PCI vid card (mine is tnt-1), good quality EDO (60 nano or less) and all should be well. Search "Tom's Hardware Guide" for the article "Oldie tuning the P55T2P4". I will post up a like to it shortly. This vintage Asus socket 7 board is rock solide at 83 FSB with K6-2 500+ (400 or 450 would be also good). I flashed my bios first, with the Asus flash utility it is not to difficult. Tell us how it goes. Cheers & best of luck. :cool:
    here <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Also I ordered my K6-2 500+ from but I can't get a connection to them, perhaps they went belly up :-(
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