HP dv6-6135dx or ASUS A53 Series A53SV-XN1 Notebook

I am looking to buy a new laptop for college. I will also be using it for moderate gaming. (Starcraft 2, Crysis 2, etc). The 2 laptops I am considering right now are:



The specs for the HP look really good, but I'm not really sure about the AMD A8-3500m processor. Which laptop (or any others) do you think would be a better option?
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  1. Hello kingbobthegreat;

    How soon do you need to make a decision? It would be nice to see some more testing and benchmark reviews.
    I'm thinking a CPU intensive game like SC2 might be held back by the CPU even though the HD 6750M has an advantage over the GT 540M.
  2. For $775 you could get a HP Pavilion dv6t Sandy Bridge Core i5
    Core i5-2410M CPU, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, and HD 6770M Graphics.
    I like the $10 upgrade to 7200rpm HDD too,
  3. Any time within the next 2 months is fine if better options become available. However, if there is a good deal right now, I would prefer to get the laptop before july 12, because I will be going out of town for 3 weeks after that.

    Also, I found that I could actually get the dv6t you suggested down to $710, because of a 30% off promo code. That would make it the obvious choice, but it seems like there is some issue with the ATI switchable graphics on that model according to this:


    A lot of the discussion went over my head though, so I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. If someone could shed some light on this issue, that would be great.

    Thanks for the advice!
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