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I recently tried to update my bios on my laptop(its amibios)during update it froze for several minutes and i've shut it down manually.So it's not been turning on since(fans not running,no light from the led's,no sign of working cd rom).I've disassembled every part in the laptop and reassembled it but to no avail it still won't work.So i took it to a hardware technician , he tested it with a multimeter and concluded that the motherboard is dead.My laptop brand is HCL(indian manufacturer)and the tech guy couldn't find the exact matching motherboard model for my laptop and i'm out of my warranty.

My laptop's has an Asus motherboard its model no is T12R , rev 2.0 and part no is 08G22TR0020J

I found a matching motherboard which packard bell uses in "Easynote C3" laptops.its
model is T12R Ajax C Laptop Motherboard 7419190000 p/n 08G22TR0020J.

* Will this packard bell motherboard work with my laptop?(it has the same model
and part number)
* The bios in my motherboard was manufacturer specific, will i get any problem with the new packard bell motherboard ?
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  1. Hello vikramaditya;

    There is really no way for us to know for sure if it would work.

    Unless you can find someone else that has previously done this type of substitution successfully I'd say your plan is very risky.
  2. I'm not sure a new board is needed. The bios handles all the instructions to be done before handing control over to the OS. If you turn off the computer in the middle of the update, then the bios is probably blank. This means when you turn on the computer, there is nothing to start running any code. You may want to look into getting a replacement bios chip.
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