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Help plezzzz

I have problem with keybord keys some of them not work i buy a new one and change it but stil the same problem
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  1. What is the make/model # of your computer?

    Is this a laptop? Desktop?
  2. Dell inspiron 1545
  3. Laptop
  4. Marwa_009 said:
    Dell inspiron 1545

    You said that you bought a new one? A new internal keyboard for the laptop (found it on their support site) or a new external keyboard?

    Does it happen all the time or only at certain times? Are you getting any type of error message?
  5. Its happen all the time .no any message appear .new internal keyboard and i change the old one but still the same problem
  6. When i use an external keyboard all the keys work good
  7. Marwa_009 said:
    When i use an external keyboard all the keys work good

    With you replacing the internal keyboard and it still happening and a known good external not doing it, you are looking at two things:
    1. The connector on the motherboard is bad (which usually isn't the case)
    2. The keyboard you just bought (internal) is DOA or not seated good.

    Double-check your connections and make sure that everything is good and snug and didn't come loose by accident.

    Was anything spilled on the keyboard before replacing it?

    What keys in particular are not working properly?
  8. Yes my brother spilled coc
  9. All the last tow Rows and inter keys not work
  10. Marwa_009 said:
    Yes my brother spilled coc

    Your motherboard is toast. Is the laptop still under warranty or did you purchase Complete Care (accidental damage coverage) when you bought the laptop?

    I know the program is called Complete Care because I used to work for them for 3+ years.

    Beyond that, there isn't really much else you can do to fix the issue beyond a replacement motherboard or using an external keyboard all the time :)
  11. No warranty
  12. To repair the laptop hoe mach you think it cost
  13. Best answer
    Honestly it's hard to say. Let me check on DELL's site and see what the motherboard would cost if you got it direct through them.

    I'll update my post when done.


    I did manage to find a reputable dealer that has the motherboard for this computer. DELL doesn't offer a spare part for the motherboard because they are primarily considered FRUs (Factory Replaceable Units).

    The site with the motherboards is this one:

    Hope this helps!
  14. Thank you
  15. Ok. Thank you soooooo mach for your help ,have a good night
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