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I was fooling around with my mp3 player, and for some reason window's couldn't open the virtual drive, and it asked me if I wanted to format. I thought mabye a file was corrupt on it so I hit ok. Now it doesn't turn on, it just says starting on it, and if I hook it back up to the computer, xp wouldn't find it and just keeps saying no drivers found for it. Its kind of a cheapo one, 256mb one that has japan technology written on the side. Just got it. Any ideas?

Also, assuming it can't be fixed, any recommendations for good, cheap mp3 players? Don't need a lot of room, nothing really over 256mb unless its a good deal. Its for running with, so I need it kinda small. I'm looking in the 40-80 range. Thanks.
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  1. the new ipod came out. only shuffles its like 1 gb or something for 99 $. i suppose that you could get that. or the new creative zen micro. no idea about that though. and read up on it.

    but if i were you, id get my money back. get the mp3 players from a trusted company like iriver / creative / ipod. those things =) but read about the ipod shuffle in this forum. its like the 5th topic or something
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