First Happy Holidays
Now, im upgrading my old pentium2(gateway g350)to a amd on a very thight budget. This is what i'll be running
300 watt atx amd certified ps
amd athlon 1ghz(266mhz fsb)
ecs k7s5a (wont be overclocking)
creative sound blaster live 5.1
chaintech nvidia TNT M64
crucial 256mg pc133
dvd panasonic
100mg zip drive
4x8x32 writer
sig ata66 pci controlleR
30 GIG HDD WESTERN DIG (ATA 33-66-100 7400RPM
So a little imput on this setup will help
thank you

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  1. Wait till after Jan 7th for better pricing.

    Athlon 1Ghz.. step up to a XP CPU if your gonna buy AMD.
    TNT-M64 video card is bottom end. you can get a Geforce 2 GTS-V for 65 bucks. will that fit in your budget? www.newegg.com
    Thats a very slow CDRW, consider a 16x, these are budget oriented atm. 20 and 24x will run you $75+ cheapest 4x is $53 on pricewatch. cheapest 16x is $59 its worth the extra 6 bucks.
    Why do you need a ATA66 controller for? That motherboard comes with ATA100.

    Good luck with compatability, anyone have info/experiance on SB live and that motherboard?
  2. I agree with FUGGER for the XP processor and the video card. For the SBLive compatibility, it shouldn't be a problem since it's a non-VIA motherboard. I heard nothing on this for SIS 735 chipset.

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  3. Wow! Fugger is letting people consider AMD processors!! Matisaro, do you still consider Fugger a troll?

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  4. hi the controller card was on my old system
    already had the rewriter
    i,ve spent 340.00 bones so far and thats about all i can spend.
    is my power supply enough?
  5. I also agree with fugger on the XP processor. The price of an XP1600+ is very affordable. Even if you wait a couple of weeks, the prices will be down even more.

    I realise budget is your main concern, but DDR PC2100 would be worthwhile. If its out of reach, make do with 128MB of SDRAM for now.

    Your list of parts suggests that a 400W PSU would be best for you. A 350W PSU would do, but you've got quite a lot of stuff on that system. A 400W PSU would leave room for upgrades and help ensure that the mobo is getting enough. There's been a few threads about PSU related problems with the K7S5A.

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  6. You could save a bunch of money and still have a reasonably fast systems (without reinstalling software, etc), if you skipped the platform switch and simply installed a Powerleap iP3t adapter/Celeron 1.2GHz (Tualatin) combo. This only cost $169 from Powerleap.

    The TNT2-M64 is a terrible performer, consider instead an original TNT2 (which is 128-bit as opposed to 64-bit), since these can be found on Pricewatch for around $35!

    If you want to upgrade drives, I recommend a Maxtor 7200RPM model. Using MaxBlast Plus software (free), you can copy your old drive to the newer larger faster one and loose no data.

    Upgrading the controller is a good idea, it would allow you to put your fast new drive on the faster controller and have your CD-RW on it's own chain (on the old controller), a perfect solution.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Yes, but if he keeps this attitude up I can begin to respect him, I dont hold grudges forever, and people can change.

    Thanks fugger for posting information without calling the person names for their decision.

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  8. thanks alot averyone for your imput .
    as i sit here and drink my khulia and cream i'm dazed and confused! so much to learn, its tuff being a rookie.
    i'm going to try this setup for my first rebuild.
    whish me luck
  9. Luck.

    Ask away if you're unsure. Most here are helpful.

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  10. Hmmm, luck.....or FREE POST@!

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  11. A idea is find out what you want and find out the price. Then play on the autions. Like UBid.com. The 24/10/40 Cdrw Fugger was saying. A month ago got for $80. Thing is you just have to know how to play. And read everything. So you dont get in a bad deal. Then bid lower then the sale price. Right Now I m bidding on a 500watt power supply for $44 I m finding my 300 watt is not working to par with my system.

    What is a good case? I need some thing that has good air flow good name brand? And good amd Cpu heatsinks. I m trying to drop my temp some so I can over clock some more.
  12. A cd burner is one of those things in a pc one should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER CUT CORNERS ON.(another big one being the monitor and ram).

    The 80 dollar 24x cd burners generally SUCK ASS, and wind up making coasters half the time.

    Plextor/sony/other good name brand cd burners shoudl always be purchased, even if it costs 50-70 more than equally rated(but crappy) no name burners.

    The savings in not wasted cd's alone will eat into the difference quite nicely.

    go to www.storagereview.com

    to read their reviews on cd burners and cd roms, to get the full skinny on which ones are up to snuff, and which will make more coasters than bush gardens.

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  13. LOL that where you should of read alittle better Matisaro. Find out what you want to get. My Cdrw was a Sony. Cheap price Yes. But it due to bidding at autions. I saved money. When the Amd athlon 1800 frist came out on oem $205 and with 3 year warr. $266. I use the autions and got the retail and saved $75 add the shipping and handling it was the same price as Oem. Same thing with my GF3 ti 500 Reg price $360 I got it at $250. Dumb people are the ones that are going to pay high price for some thing.
  14. I meant from the store, the only 80$ 24x cdburners I have seen, were these godly piss poor ones at frys, the return desk had a stack of them as tall as me.

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  15. I am amazed this post went through, after writing it, I hit send, and then my power went out, litterally 1 second later, man, the speed of my cable amazes me.

    ::loves his new cable modem::

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  16. I agree with you there. And crap the closes Fry's is 60 Miles away. So everything is online for me.
  17. been reading all the posts and man there is soo much to learn
    anyway my burner is a 32x had it for a year or so, never had a problem with it so it stays for now.
    i've read alot about the esck7s5a (good reviews) but as i read these posts ( bad news ) so is this a install and find out thing with this board? Like i said earlier i'm a rookie
    any advice?
    thank you
  18. There is no such thing as a 32x burner, unless you mean read speed, then you likely have a 12x-16x.

    The ecs board is a crap shoot, IF you get a good one it is stable and godly, however I would NEVER order a ecs over the internet, if you have a pc shop nearby its ok to buy, if it dosent work return it immediatly for a replacement.

    If you order online the ecs's failure rate is way too high to risk possibly having to return with the mail.

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  19. Asus just released a 32X burner (32X/12X/40X)!

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  20. My local guy recently sold 1000 ecs boards. So far he has only gotten 2 returns! Not bad in my book, but only time will tell.
  21. OH OH I bought my board off the net! its sitting on my table now,looking at me and saying put me in and try me out!
    BUT i'm still a litte afraid to tear done my old computer
    oh my burner is 32 read i think it is a 8x4x32! i've been reading so much on all this that i go from feeling good abuot this little set up to feeling sick!
    this is what i bought
    300 watt atx amd certified ps
    amd 1ghz(266 mhz fsb)
    ecs k7s5a
    sound blaster live 5.1
    chaintech nvidia-2 m64
    256 pc 133 sdram-crucial ram i should have bought rd ram
    but back to the funds part
    thanks again for everyones imput. Maybe I'll get up the nerve to put it together tomorrow
    thanks again
  22. let me ask you this also
    when i bought my cpu i bought it retail, but the funny thing was ,it was already on the board with the heatsink and fan.
    Is that a good thing?
  23. Cant hurt, if it burns, its on the people who put it on, not you.

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  24. I posted on the forum the signs of a problem board, it should be reletivly close to the front, if you need me to tell you what to look for reply and I will.

    For some reason I am not recieving the emailed replies....perhaps I should email fredi.

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  25. HI thank you Matisaro for your help.
    I could not find you're post on what to look for on signs of a problem mother board,(ecs k7s5a)
    so could you please let me know
  26. If you turn on the power and everything spins up and nothing happens, no beep codes, no boot.....chuck it its bad.

    If you run it, and hit restart and it shuts down but does not restart, chuck it its toast.

    If it will post only after its been on for a while(wont boot cold) chuck it.

    Vice versa as well(wont boot on a warm boot, has to be cold).

    if the cmos resets for no reason.

    If you get any kind of errors with sdram, but not ddrram and vice versa.

    Those are the signs of the evil ecs crap beast,......beware them young jedi.

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