my new AXP 1700+

First of all, I wish you all a happy new year and hopefully this year will bring the piece to the world.
I also thank all the people on the forums who helped me to build my new computer where i depended on their advises on building my computer.

here is what i have: -
HSF coolermaster DP5-6I31C
2 case fans (intake and exhaust)
motherboard Soltek SL-75DRV2
Simpltech DDR PC2100 CL2.5 512mb
Hard disk IBM Deskstar 60GXP 60gb
Graphic card hercules 3D prophet 4500 32mb (KyroII)
Cnet 10/100 ethernet card
Cnet 56k modem
windows 2k sp2

and here is my results by sisoft sandra 2001te: -

cpu benchmark 4099 mips, 2040 mflops
cpu multimedia 9522, 8258
memory alu 675, fpu 732
harddisk 27000
3dmark 2237

cpu temp 45C (normal)

i am very glad with the above results and i hope my main office will be happy with this computer too.... i will be waiting for the monster (HAMMER) so i will upgrade my current AMD TB 1000.

thank you again and wish you all the best

wish if there was UnDo in the life
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  1. If only you'd have a better graphics card, a GF3 or Radeon 8500, so that we can see some real performance with that AXP!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  2. you are right, but the G3 or 8500 price is higher about 4-5 times than kyroII cards, and the computer wont be used for games

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  3. Kryo 2 for 80 bucks, a gf3 ti 200 for 150.....only twice the price for much more than twice the performance.

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  4. maybe at usa or online stores, but the place i live i bought the kyroII at US$92 and GF2 TI is $280 and GF3 ti200 is 324$ and ti500 is about $450-500 :)))))

    and i am not into online buying and even if i ordered then i have to pay taxes and a lot of procedures

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  5. ::sighs::

    online pricing is the ONLY universal standard we can use for pricing, otherwise asking the question, which is better is pointless, because it may cost 10203282021 for a gf3 in timbucktoo.

    So, my statement stands, if you dont like to order online, thats your problem, but the gf3 ti 200 is only twice the price of a kryo2.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  6. In USD? That's higher than most of the Canadian dollar prices! lol

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  7. matisaro: i do not know where do you live and i am not saying you are not saying the truth, but for me even if i buy online then the final cost will be trible kyroII's cost because of the taxes and custom clearance.
    i know nvidia's chips are the best but can not afford that amount for graphic card since it wont be utilized to show its is like buying scsi to be used in office and not for video editing so you wont see that different specially when the price is tooooo high according to what you will get in real life performance.

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  8. Thats fine, I was merely stating what the base costs were.

    Also assuming you pay the same taxes and customs on the kryo the difference should remain the same.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
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