T-bird 1.4 voltage problem?

Hey team,
I currently have a Chaintech 7VJD0 Mobo with a Athlon 1.4 on it. I have a Coolermaster DP5-6I31A heatsink/fan and a Global Win WBK68 heatsink/fan. The problem is, i had the WBK68 fan on the T-bird first, and it is rated for 4800RPM's on 12V DC, but it was only turning at about 3800 RPM's which is unusually low. So i went out and got the coolermaster and put it on the T-brid, and turned the Global Win fan into a System fan. But, the cooler master is rated for 5400 RPM's on 12V DC, yet it was only turning at about 4200 RPM's. Now I have;
T-bird 1.4GHz w/ coolermaster on it
Chaintech 7VJD0 Mobo
Creative CD-RW
USB hub
Maxtor HD (not sure of the speed)
140W power supply

Now because of the unusually low speed of the fan's, i figured that they wern't getting the entire 12V that it needed. So before i go out and buy a 300w power supply, i decided to measure the fan's voltage, and both of 'em came out to show up about 12.7 volts. I put the red prong on the red connector on the fan plug, and the black prong on the metal part of the case, and it showed up about 12.7 volts on the meter(It was set to 20 DCV) So i am stumpped, the Fan's seem to be getting there required voltage, yet there running way slow, and my T-bird 1.4 is running in the 50-60's C, i dont know wnat to do, should i still go out and get the 300w PSU? Please help!!!

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  1. I would go ahead and get a new power supply. Any amd approved will work fine. I have a codegen 350 watt on order. Many in this community recommend the enermax 365 or 431 model.

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  2. Quote:
    140W power supply

    You should buy a higher and better one regardless you have problem or not.

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  3. I have no idea how your system is functioning with a 140Watt PSU....that's like...terrible.........ALL motherboard manufacturers recomend you have AT LEAST a 235Watt PSU for your AMD Based machine....I noticed thsi after every Asus motherboard I put together had that sticker on the stick-free bag the board si in =) than on specs. for other Manu. it says the same.......

    Also, keep in mind, no fan RATED for a certian speed will actually spin at that speed all the time, there are many things that get in the way of this....prime example is plugging the fan into one of the fan headers on the Motherboard......theyc an't supply ALL the proper wattage/amperage/voltage to certain fans.......so the best thing to do is have it plugged into the Power Connectors that coem off the power supply that are meant for CD-Rom's and hard drives etc.

    Anyways......get a new PSU for sure, thats a definite.....

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