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So I got a 4 gig ramdisk using Dataram and I want to try some games out on it. I have Stronghold crusader installed on my C: drive. How do I put it onto my R: (Ramdrive) drive?
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  1. You don't. As soon as your computer resets it will be gone. Ramdisks are overrated and frowned upon for a reason. They take up space that Windows will use for caching.
  2. I've used RamDisk in the past but i let that go as a larger system cache is better and paired with a ssd, you don't see any difference...

    4go is too small to put anything valuable on there, i had 8gb and still a game loading will not be affected by the speed of the ram (in fact it was slower to load in ram than on my 2 Caviar Blue Raid 1)
  3. I use a RamDisk and absolutely love it. In software, you can save its contents on another storage drive and it will reload it when you boot. That can take a long time though, if you install a large game on it. I use both a 10-15GB on projects and with writes in 9000mbs range easy. Makes editing and many other things faster. You can put your web cache on a Ramdisk too and yeah, it works. I use AMD's version by the way. Love it.
  4. My question is how do I copy a program from the C drive to the R drive basically. Copy it, not reinstall it.
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