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I have a Gateway PII MMX 233 that is about 4 years old. I plan on upgrading to a new AMD XP system in future but I would like to keep this computer as a second for a home network. The thing I am wondering about, I have seen processor upgrades from Evergreen that can up this to a 766 Celeron based processor. Does anyone know about this product and if it can provide a significant performance upgrade for the $130 (comes with free 128mb sdram stick) it would cost? I would like to max out this computer for now so I can wait awhile for to get a new system. I have a cable modem and my current processor is slowing me down some. The only other stuff I really use are Word, play MP3s, play Civ2, and sync my palm. Any suggestions?
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  1. Read you loud and clear. Also have home network with 2 small sys.
    I also did the PowerLeap (or Evergreen thing). These upgrades are expensive for the boost you get, however they are a faster and generally easier alternative to traditionnal mobo upgrades.
    The traditionnal route has better upgrade possibilities, but is of course more technically demanding.
    You like to play inside your pc: go mobo swap (just a little over the 130 you said. 150-170 perhaps?
    You don't want to play too much inside your pc at this time than the quick route: Evergreen upgrade, also check out PowerLeap. Do a search you will find it.

    Danny, and happy new year !

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  2. Pike,

    Is it difficult to replace the CPU and Mobo in a Gateway Case? Anything prorietary to worry about in the process? I have been thinking of doing stuff like this but haven't made the jump. Never built anything, only added ram. Thanks.
  3. If you have an LX motherboard, you are limmited to 766, but the Evergreen kit is priced reasonably and should be good enough. If you're lucky enough to have a BX chipset motherboard, you can get the Tualatin Celeron 1.2GHz kit from Powerleap.
    Your case is probably standard ATX if it's a midtower. To upgrade the motherboard you'll need a new power supply as well, since the Gateway unit is probably only 200W.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Right, the prorietary condition.
    Well yes, this may give you nightmares for mobo changing. Well,ok, in this case go for the Evergreen or PowerLeap if you dont't want any fuss.
    But remember this , the 766 cpu upgrade will not be comparable to actual 766 sys out there du to your slower existing chipset and components.
    What is the max cpu your manuel say's you can put in there.
    The idea is $130 can come close to a new ATX barebones sys, : a case, powersupply, econo mobo (perhaps all onboard if you are not a serious gamer) for celli or duron, small cpu 750, 126 ram. You can reuse your DD, CD-ROM, Modem.
    However you will have a partial p-2 sys to get ride of.
    No easy way out of this. Same was for me. I went the PowerLeap way. If i were to do it again, i would go the mobo swithch route. With the mobo route you can change components and even get new to replace the old (ie DD, cd-rom, disable onboard vid and get a new card etc.). The mobo route will demand that you go full ahead into coputer components upgrading, and be ready for some challenges. This is only normal "the first time", after it's easier ever time you make an upgrade. Since you wish to go networking and have 2 pcs up and running, perhaps the time has come to get into it full steem ahead.
    THG is full of info for upgraders and this forum is full of earnest enthousiasts, that will give a hand.


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  5. Give me the model number and serial number on the back of your gateway tower. Also, it would be extremely helpful to pop the cover and locate the part number of the motherboard. Gateway used a couple of different revisions of basically the same motherboard based on the bx chipset. Some will accept the newer coppermine cores some will not, it all depends on the vrm, and the evergreen then might be an option. Some needed special 4 clock ram and the 128 meg of ram with the evergreen might not be compatible. I have taken one of these boards with a sloket and a p3 750 cu. it all depends on what the part number of your board is.

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  6. I would get a generic system from pricewatch. Two people I know went this route, and they were very happy with their systems. Go to pricewatch, and select "pc windows". For example, they list a duron 750 at only $238 plus shipping, which includes win98se. There are thousands of listings; you can scan through the pages until you find the motherboard and features you like. Trying to upgrade an old computer will get you limited a performance increase. Virtually every component on a new system is many times faster than the old gateway. If you find the system you like, call the vender's 800 number, and find out the build time and payment options. Use a credit card. If you get ripped off, you can call the bank and stop payment. I had to do this once when a company I did business with many times went out of business one day after I placed an order, but the credit card company removed the charge promptly.
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