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I need to install Windows 8 on a Laptop without a DVD drive.

I have the Windows 8 installation DVD.

I have access to a computer with a DVD reader, but I do not have administrative rights on it. It is running windows 7.

So, I just need a website or some way for me to make an ISO after the Windows 8 DVD, WITHOUT installing any software etc on the Windows 7 PC.

Any ideas? :(

Thank you!
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  1. No online ISO creator that I know of, but the PC you have access to may already have third-party burning software installed which can do it (eg Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Media Creator etc).
  2. Why do you need Win8 in an ISO format?

    If you are installing windows, you can install windows using a usb flash drive as well without needing any ISO file. It's much faster that way.
  3. I need Administrative rights for this as well. :( And there is no such burning software on this PC... :(
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