Acer aspire 5745g data recovery

whenever i turn on my laptop (Acer 5745G) it comes up with no bootable device and i didnt get a recovery cd with my laptop, anyone know what to do
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  1. If what you're saying is really true a recovery CD won't be of any use. Is your hard disk detected in the BIOS?
  2. No, it cannot be detected in the BIOS
  3. more details? is it brand new?
  4. costinsilviu said:
    more details? is it brand new?

    i got it in october last year (2010) so its still pretty new
  5. Is your warranty still good?

    If your hard disk is not detected, the disk is either dead or malfunctioning. You may need to buy a new hard disk, and attempt to get your data off the current disk.
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