Whats the name of those laptops that can...

whats the name of those laptops that the display can rotate to face upwards and turn into a sorta "tablet"?

Is there any they are like, really good at drawing with?

i has laptop
i spin display around
i use the touch screen to draw some awesome stuff with a pen thing instead of having a 3rd party pen+tablet.

I ask because i enjoy drawing and what not but i find it SUPER hard to draw on a tablet with a pen but what i have drawn comes up on scree, id like to see what im drawing where the pen touches the scree/tablet...

any ideas?

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  1. You're looking for the convertable tablet. I don't think Dell sells any, but I know HP does.

  2. awesome thank you....i supose there mainly going to be like 2/3gb ram with a 1.5ghz cpu and not much on the gpu side of things =/ gah oh well il have a look =D

    P.S. i dont think i could bring my self to get a dell....they just dont fell right =/
  3. Well.. Dell does actually sell a netbook/tablet that confusedracoon was asking about... It is callled the Dell Inspiron Duo: http://www.dell.com/content/topics/topic.aspx/global/products/landing/en/inspiron?c=us&l=en
  4. hmm well i will have a look around and see if i can find a PC shop with any that i hcan have a play with before, im 50/50 about getting one. but thank you =D
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