Suggest me a Chipset for P4 (NW)

i will be building a new computer on probably P4 2.0A .. but i haven;t been able to figure out which chipset to use.. u all know the contenders.. first i thought abt going with SiS 645 build by ASUS.. but i haven;t been able to find any reviews abt it.. but i m eager abt it.. the comes ABiT i850 chipset and also ASUS i850 chipset board both have good reviews and can clock to 133MHz with RDRAM.. and with RDRAM prices almost equal i think going with RDRAM route isn;t much more expensive and they sure have good overclockabilty with respect to PC2700 which i don;t think will overclock much... and the comes i845D chipset.. its only positive point is great stability... so wot do u think is the best chipset. for P4 at this current moment.. i won;t be stretching the limits in overclocking... but i do need a 99.9999999% stable system.. and which motherboard manufacturer to go with... ASUS is my fav. although haven;t used them before..
p.s please don;t suggest me Athlon XP
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  1. Read a review at gamepc of 3 or 4 Pentium 4 motherboards, and decide for yourself. New boards are coming out every week with the sis 645 chipset. I think it would be a better deal, as you don't have to use the ddram in pairs like rambus. Also, look for a slower version of the northwood (512k cache), which might be offered soon in the us market. A Japanese website had an article about them.
  2. Here's a quick guide
    845 and 845D: Avoid these. They are the worst performers and are pretty scant on features.
    850: A decent chipset, one of the best performers and the most stable. The most expensive as well.
    SIS 645: The fastest chipset (when equipped with PC2700 RAM), not quite as stable as the 850 but still very good.
    VIA P4X266A: Offers the most features and a good performer, but probably the least stable (although not by much). Beaten by the 850 and PC2700 SIS 645, but smokes the 845 and 845D.
  3. Sucks coming in on your day off, but ill be gone next week too and I had to get some stuff shipped out. Anyway, here is my results from some of my testing on the above mentioned platforms. Yes I have had a chance to play with them to the extent of almost breaking them.

    First off, all 3 platforms accept the Northwood out of the box. so you dont have to worry about compatability.

    845D is not released yet, and is the DDR version of the 845 chipset.

    The regular i845 chipset is SDR version, it is the slowest chipset of the bunch. but it is extreamly stable.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">SiS645 w/GF3 was supprisingly slow</A>. the only real bench this one won at was the memory bandwidth. This board has the memory bandwidth of PC600 RDR.

    The <A HREF="" target="_new">P4X266 w/GF3 performed very well</A>, decent overall board. <A HREF="" target="_new">P4X266 w/ Radeon 8500 O/C</A>

    The <A HREF="" target="_new">i850 w/GF3is the best option</A>, most stable and high overclocker. This is the chipset to go with. <A HREF="" target="_new">i850 w/Radeon 8500 O/C</A>

    Not sure where Olfin got his data (way off) but I can back mine up with benchmarks that I run myself. I put the SiS645 back in the box till it matures more.

    Ill be in vegas for CES Jan 7th~, drop me a msg if you wanna scrap... err I mean hook up =).
  4. lol, Fugger compares the boards with just 3DMark2001, lol. Sorry, but one benchmark isn't enough to support your claims Fugger! Also, how do we know that you didn't underclock the GeForce3 for the Sis645 test? You haven't shown us your exact test systems.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  5. At least my reply is based on something. I used sandra but sandra doesnt offer anything like the "ORB" for posting results online anonymously. I wish they did.

    It also proves that I actually worked with these boards trying for best performance. tweaking drivers and BIOS settings.

    I expected the SiS645 to beat the P4X266A.

    The main feature I was testing compatability with a hot swap PCI CBS, Thats a Cross Bar Switch made by Phillips Electronic. It didnt work 100% with SiS645 or P4X266 fyi.

    Once again in cased you missed my point, the 3Dmark2001 benchmark is just a way to get results posted anonymously. I was tweaking all systems to get max performance too.

    Supprised you didnt point out that the SiS645/P4X266a had a 2Ghz CPU on it while the i850 had a 1.8Ghz.

    No grats on 9K score and 400Mhz overclock? =)
  6. I would either go for a DDR333 based chipset like the SiS645S2 or a RDRAM based chipset like the Intel i850. 2x128MB Samsung PC800 RDRAM is only about 10$ more expensive than 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM. At present I'm not sure which of the two chipsets perform best once overclocked to the limit, but from what I've read, the i850 will probably benefit most from FSB overclocking. We'll have to wait a couple of weeks or so to see some reviews on the matter.

    Good i850 based boards with Socket 478 are ASUS PT4-E and Abit TH7-II. The latter is rather expensive, but a very good overclockers board, maybe a tad better than the ASUS PT4-E, but not necessarily worth the extra about 30$.

    /Copenhagen - P4 Willamette 1700MHz@2109 MHz, Vcore 1.75V@2.20V on Abit TH7II-RAID.
  7. here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">review</A> on asus' P4S333 mobo with the sis645 chip.
    it seems pretty promising.
    here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">review</A> on asus' P4B266 with intel's i845D chip.
    according to the review...the i845D is a little on the slow side but, like what everyone says, rock solid stability.
    im considering getting the P4S333 board myself

    :mad: <A HREF="" target="_new">P4 + SDRAM</A> = <b>BAD</b> :mad:
  8. I am near your score with I850/8500 O*C.

    You have adventage of 115 mghz for your cpu.Also a newer MOBO.
    I have a adventage of 16 mghz in the Core speed of my graphic card.I been able to hit 301.XX of core speed it very good for a OEM version.
  9. The Asus P4B266, theres hardly a better board other than the P4T-E of course!


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  10. Not to be off-topic or something, but why not an Athlon XP?
    Unless it's personal pref I'm ok with it but I'd just like some facts or reasons!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
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