AMD coming out with a new kind of processor when?

Hi all,
I'm fairly new here, so hopefully my questions don't sound too rediculous.
A few months back I was considering builing myself a new system from scratch and I was convinced to build with an AMD chip (cheaper and more processing power), but I was told that I might want to wait for a little while because currently the architecture of the AMD chips is .18u and was supposedly going to go down to .13... making it run at a much cooler temperature.
Basically, I wanted to know if anyone could tell me around when the new chips (and motherboards for that matter) would be coming out? Any suggestions for motherboards as well? I pretty much want to get the best of the best out there as it's going to last me a while.
Thanks all!
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  1. The Thoroughbred 0.13u core is currently slated to be out in late March. With the pricing updates on Jan 7 we may get some more indication of the release dates.

    Most mobo's 'should' handle the new core provided you can drop the voltage down low enough.

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  2. Thanks for the reply phelk.
    So you think that the motherboards that are currently available will work with the new processors? How would the voltage get turned down, by adjusting the power supply or something on the motherboard itself? Are the new chips worth waiting for in March or is it just a lot of hype? AND (lastly) can anyone point me in the direction of any articles about these new chips that might explain them a little more (their benifits, and all that)...
    Thanks again!
  3. They will rock, and be nicely overclockable.

    You turn down voltages in the bios, and any mobos which dont have low voltages in defaults should be a bios flash away from compatability.

    Its up to you if you wanna wait, the cpus now are blazing and cheap, you could get an xp1600+ and a good solid motherboard which will be compatable with the thoroughbred now, then get a new cpu in 6 months or so.

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  4. Here is the <A HREF=",,30_182_608,00.html" target="_new"> AMD Roadmap </A>.

    The general preferences are for KT266A (don't forget the 'A') based mobo's of which Tom has reviews for, or ask in the mobo section.

    The real key question before answering 'what mobo?' or 'what CPU?' is what do you intend to use your PC for? Extreme gaming, video editing, email/internet, calculating fluid dynamics, playing solitaire.

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  5. Ahhhhh... thanks for the roadmap.

    As for what am I going to use it for? Just about everything. Sound editing, video editing, highly intense graphic games... pretty much anything that requires a lot of hutspa in a computer.
  6. So what is Barton all about? Is it a Hammer or an even other new CPU core? Man AMD has alot to add in one year though...

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  7. Barton will be .13 micron, will add SOI, and something else that I forget.

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  8. What's SOI?

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  9. SOI = Silicon On Insulator.
    It's a type of silicon wafer that makes the transistors run more efficiently.
    IBM created the process, and have this to say about it - "The Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology promises significant performance advantages over more conventional bulk CMOS technologies due to the dramatic reduction of junction capacitance."

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  10. Unless you are really concerned about noise & heat I would buy something now if you have the money. The first Thoroughbred chips will be expensive so it will be 6 months before they are reasonably priced.

    A KT266A and Athlon XP in any form is a damn fast machine by anyones standards and you should have a good upgrade path with the CPU if you ever need more juice.

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