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I am looking to get a new laptop and the laptop has this cpu/gpu. I thought I saw somewhere that you can switch the video card into dual apu or discrete. Is this correct? I saw the dual mode got better performance. but the laptop says 6620g discrete, so not sure if this is true. I saw the benchmark, and it seems this video card is pretty good. I was looking at this other system with corei5 and a gt 540m. I thought the 540 would be alot better, but not really. Was looking at metro 2033 and in high the gt 540 with core i7 got 17 and the A8 got 16.7. But than on sc2 on max the 540 gets like 40 fps and the A8 gets 16 fps. why is it such a huge diff? other games the gt got like 9 fps more. my guess is that sc2 is more cpu heavy is this true?
the 2 laptop are same price, 750 just the A8 laptop is 15 inch and the gt is 13. I prefer bigger laptop, but if the gt with corei5 is alot better than i would get that one.

Also, can you overclock this gpu?
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  1. Well, first of all, the lower the fps, the choppier the quality will be, there will be lags, stutters, and crashes if your attempting to play a game that can't run very high FPS wise.

    Please fill out a few questions found here, (copy and paste them)
  2. I already did one before, just wanted to really know about the video card in this system, that if you can switch into dual or single. I was reading, but not sure. and if I am able to overclock this gpu. I know I would be able to overclock a dedicated video card gt 540, but this is more of a integrated. I couldn't find any info on overclock. I want to play highend games, but seems like the gt 540m is not that great like it can't play metro 2033 on max, and I don't care that the gt can play one game with 44 fps and the other card 30 fps casue thats good enough for me. Also these are my only option
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    No offense, but overclocking any features of a laptop is stupid in a sense... Mobile technology has not come to the point where you can instantly change anything like a regular desktop. Overclocking might cause driver issues, it WILL cause heat issues.
    And you need to have highest standard thermal compound, not cheap goop that was probably a piece of chewing gum...

    I just want to say, don't get big on overclocking at a mobility stage, your going to lose a lot in the long run. Issues, glitches, and ultimately, a short GPU life.
  4. o ok lol thxs for info
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