Help PLZ with WinRoute Getting really Frustrated

Hello, I am over at my friends house right now and he has a cable modem and i currently have it hooked up to my computer with 2 network cards in mine so it acts as a router... I cant get this to work. Could anyone give me a brief over view on how to do this. I just want to make it DHCP so he just obtains an IP from me. So if anyone knows how to do this real quik could you post plz i am getting frustrated


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  1. If the host (your computer) is running Windoze 9x, make sure you have TCP/IP and NetBUI installed. On the client, you just need to install TCP/IP. Go to the TCP/IP properties of the Host and select "Use the following IP address:" and enter for the IP and for the Subnet mask. On the client, select "obtain an IP address automatically."

    If you are using Windoze NT/2000, install TCP/IP only and follow the rest of the instructions above.

    If you are using Windoze XP, I can't help you....I've never touch that crap, and I don't plan on doing so.

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  2. Which card are you talking about? I have 2 cards in my system. I need it to act as a router but I forgot how to use Winroute to do it. I need more details on how to do it...

  3. If it's just two computers connected to each other (2 NICs in the Host and 1 in the Client), you really just want a direct Peer2Peer connection with Internet Connection Sharing. So it doesn't matter which card....from the HOST in Windoze 2k, goto Control Panel>Network and Dial-up Connections Right-click on the Local Area Connection Icon and select properties. From there make sure TCP/IP and NetBui is installed....highlight TCP/IP and select properties...follow the instructions in my first post about the IP addresses. In win 9x, I think you goto Control Panel and then there should be an Icon labled Local Area Network, or something similar...follow the same direction for both Host and Client.

    If you are talking about making a real router with more than 1 client (3 or mor NIC cards in the Host), your best bet would be to install Linux....there are tons of info for that...just head over to google.

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