Various glitches.

Yep, finally my new computer is built.
First I want to thank you fella´s on THG/THC...your info has been invaluable to me when it
comes to computer parts selection & building.

New Sys:
Epox EP-8KHA+ KT266A
AMD XP1600
Thermaltake Volcano 7
256 Mb RAM
Point Of View Geforce 2Mx200
Enermax 350w PSU

I´m pretty amazed that when I pushed the start button for the
first time no errors occured (it always happens to me otherwise).

Well, not everything is perfect though...I have detected a few glitches:

When posting, sometimes I get a error message (code 40), that the floppy
has not been detected, not sure about this one...the floppy is quite old.

When playing games the sound is stuttering and sometimes it repeats itself, instead of playing a
sound ones it plays it twice...not wanted.

Games lock up, this seems to happen when intro sequences are being played.
(Alien Vs Predator 2, Civ3)

Why is it that I can´t run ColinMcRae2 with forced antialiasing, 800*600, Max details smoothly?
Is it my GPU that is to slow?, I thought that 1400Mhz would compensate for that, it´s absurd!

Note 1: I have the latest DirectX and Nvidia drivers.
Note 2: Cpu temps are fine, 37C under pressure.

Oh, and finally...When booting, sometimes a beep sound (not the PC speaker!) plays!, annoying!

Appreciate all help!


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  1. what kind of sound card are you using?

    i have the hercules game theatre xp and mine has the sound errors that you were talking about. this is a known error for them and apparently they dont plan to do jack about it. except they blame it on the newest highpoint raid drivers, which i do happen to have.

    at any rate, maybe you need the latest drivers for your sound card.

    as for the graphics problems, im not sure, just making a suggestion. do you have agp fastwrite enabled? if so try disabling it and see if that helps any.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by garett on 01/03/02 11:55 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  2. No soundcard...I am using the onboard sound.

    Btw, I am using Windows 98...

  3. 800*600@low details is good resolution for such a crappy GPU.
    If you want antialiasing get Voodoo 5.

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  4. heh don't get a voodoo5.. 3dfx doesn't exist anymore so there is no support

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  5. >Point Of View Geforce 2Mx200

    There is your problem. This has to be by far the slowest gpu on the market. Its as slow as a 3 year old TNT2. Who gave you the advise the buy that card ?? Unless gaming is not your thing, but apparently it is. You'd would have gotten MUCH better results with a Duron 1.1 and GF2 GTS for less money.

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  6. Ok, how come it is slower than a 3 year old TNT card?
    I mean, it´s new technology and all??!!!?

    Pisses me off!

    And...I am going to buy a new card soon, this one is from my old P2 266.

    But still, I think it´s absurd that I don´t get a nice flow in should run even with a crappy ISA card for crying out loud!

  7. with anti alilasing on, all bets are off man.

    Turn off anti and you should run it fine.

    A good videocard is WAY more important than a fast cpu for games.

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    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  8. Hmmm, why do they have such a function then (AA), if it wont work as intended? wheres the logic in that?

    Anyway, does anyone have some clues to what might cause the systems hangs?
    I´m sure it´s not the graphics card...I´ve used it on my old computer with the same games without problems.

  9. It does work as intended, however the [-peep-] videocard cant handle the stress, therefore your framerates suffer to unbearable levels.

    Hangs can be caughed by plenty of things, the sound skipping may be an old soundcard. Are you using the same soundcard as you were in your old system.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  10. It's there for people who want to use it, although a geforce mx200 would not be able to handle it. Maybe in very old games.

    You might have a problem with your ram. What brand is it?

    The sound stuttering might be just because the onboard sound is not that good.

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  11. Sound from motherboard.

  12. WHAT! because the onboard sound is not that good!?

    WTF! what´s the use then!?
    Either supply a soundchip that works or don´t, very simple.
    Even my old Abit onboard sound had no problems with sound skipping or any other thing.

    Could it be some compability problems, driver issues??
    I´ve heard that Epox Kha+ might have a "defective" BIOS, any truth to this?
    If so...perhaps that´s the problem, but then again...I´ve read lots of reviews of this board and no one had any problems with lockups of that sort I have.

  13. Forgot, the RAM brand is Namya, Mimya or something, I don´t remember.
    Would RAM really have anything to to with intro sequences stopping or bad sound?
    I mean, if I can run other apps without problems I should be able to run games as well?.

  14. Nanya RAM is fine. Get a decent video card and sound card, and your computer will be much better off. A newer BIOS might help, too.

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  15. I have never run into onboard sound that doesn't occasionally skip and do the double sound thing. Sometimes i kinda like it though:

    "Gooooggoooggoooooogggoooogogoooooo GOOOOOODDDD GOD Like, Unstoppable"

    I've had that happen on a crappy sound card as well though.

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  16. Does it also skip on the "M-m-m-m-monster kill!"?

    Or are you not that good? :smile:

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  17. Your sound/lockup problems sound very similar to the problems I used to have on an old system that I eventually fixed with an updated BIOS flash.

    In my case it was a Tyan Tiger 100 dual board with a sound blaster live.

    The problem was so frustrating to me since I never knew what was wrong until it just magically was cured with the BIOS flash.

    My advice to you: since the system is new and the problem might very well be hardware related, you should do a bit more testing. Specifically right now I would want to know if it might be M/B, RAM, or CPU related. If so try this: physically remove everything but the bare necessities (especialy soundcard and LAN), and run loop mode in 3DMark2K1 for like a day or 2. If with all the crap gone the thing is still locking up, I would certainly be considering replacing bad parts.

    Not that I'm hoping you find bad parts, but just that it would be easier to return them under warranty if you do it sooner than later. This 3DMark2K1 test should effectively weed out the weak links.
  18. well you're talking to a person here who is rather picky about sound, for example I spent more on my headphones than I did on my video card :)

    You can get soundcards that are relatively cheap and would leave your onboard sound in the dust, it might be worth the purchase

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  19. Ha!Haa!

    Problems solved!, everything is working fine.

    I had to uninstall all the sounddrivers to make it work.
    After I did that I browsed the driversCD and installed only one sounddriver.
    I find it odd, isn´t it supposed to work with the drivers that are installed when I run the setup program on the cd?
    It didn´t for me...
    Now the computer runs fine except for occasionally lockups (happened twice in 4 days), but I can take that.

    Well, thanks anyway for the tips!

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