A43SV-VX028V versus N43SL-V1G-VX064V


Between these two... the only difference is the cpu, a43sv with i7-2630Qm and the n43sl with i5-2410m

gfx would be nvidia gt 540m...

n series have optimus, a series dun hav....

what i want..

last me at least 3 years, aiming 4 years...

i do photoshop, solidworks, matlab.. (im still a student.. but graduating in 2 years time)

i also game....(think civilization, crysis, mass effect...)

I cant make up my mind... may I have your opinions please? I've already asked around alot... but still half of my friends say take i7 for future proofing..,, another half say u dun need the i7 and get the slightly better looking N series.

the a43sv is at rm28XX, n43sl at rm25XX... im from malaysia.
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  1. The Core i7 is a better. Get it, your going to benefit in the future.
  2. erm... is it true that the N series for Asus have better cooling and built?
  3. Well... They it is a good cooling system, but here is something I got about the other laptop:

    IceCool Technology Keeps Your Hands Cool

    IceCool Technololgy makes your PC experience cool and comfortable even during the longest computing sessions. Exclusive dual-sided motherboard design places hot components on the underside and away from users. Combined with heat pipes and vents, palm rests and typing surfaces stay cooler
  4. personally i dun mind heat ON the lappy.. just internals i'm worried. lolx..

    cant seem to find any reviews on them... sigh
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