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My little brother was wanting to get a netbook and ebay had listings for $100 android netbooks. His main use would be facebook and runescape. I was wondering if an android netbook can even run runescape.
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  1. It will not run runescape, Android does not support flash. Which is critical to watching/running online games and videos.
  2. Huh? Android can run flash no problem. You must be thinking Ipad.... nevertheless you get what you pay for it. I would NEVER recommend to anyone buying something like a laptop for $100. It's a waste of money and you(your brother) will be only disappointed. Rather save a bit more and buy something he can actually use for 2-3 years.
  3. Ok. We have a family desktop but he really just wants somethinng to play runescape and internet. Can you download java to android to play runescape?
  4. Why don't you link us what he wants to buy. Again though, I would say rather save up some more cash, and buy something decent that he can use in the future as well.
  5. Honestly I wouldn't buy that. It looks cheap and it's uses are really limited. You can get a refurbished netbook for around $200 (search the mayor manufacturer sites like hp, toshiba, dell and others for "refurbished"). These have a decent battery life, warranty and can be used to run other stuff too.
  6. Yeah... that netbook is slower then the average smartphone... 800 Mhz... that's... not good.
  7. true I will tell him that.
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    The Android operating system does not support Java. Therefore, any games that requires Java will not run on an Android netbook. Such as Runescape.
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