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i got windows 7 through my school so i was able to download it from their website and it downloads as a rar file, so i have that and a extracted one on my portable hard drive, but everytime i boot up my pc it doesnt download it, i can look at it when searching for a bios but cant open it since its not a bios... please i need the help ive been trying to do this for 2 days now
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  1. then you have to made a iso file from it use this to burn on a dvd
  2. ask your school for a physical copy of windows if it applies to you
    i have never heard of school uploading windows and compressing it in rar..
    you have to make your portable drive bootable first as its not by default
    here is a guide how to, if its confusing google how to make bootable usb flash drive and search for some other guide
  3. ill give it a try but yea its a tech school and the program is from microsoft its self so they put it on some website for the students and teachers to download so theres no physical copy at all sadly and the computer im using now doesnt burn dvds
  4. the tool permit to do it on a usb pen drive .
  5. so i cant use a portable hard drive?
  6. you coul use it to transfer the iso file to the other drive ,the os systemshould not be install on the external drive .
  7. Hey cloud, I did the same thing as you in Dec '11 through my school (computer in the sig) and I downloaded my win 7 pro through the school MSDNAA site (legitimately).

    Like scout said you should make it an .Iso file, do they have any other download options besides the .rar type? If not, don't worry you can still do it, you just have to "un-rar" it. I used a program calle "Free RAR Extract Frog" the other day for an unrelated .rar file and it works great. Here is a link to the program download:

    (NOTE: look carefully at that download when you install it because cnet, while it offers good software, tries to bunch in other crap like avg taskbar and stuff so just uncheck that when you go through the installation.)

    So yeah "un-rar" it. I downloaded my copy (mine was a .iso though) to my external HDD and then burned that to a dvd because it was easier (imo) than setting up the flash drive to be bootable (although I did that the other day too).
    (NOTE: if you burn the OS to a DVD, use the slowest write speed on there so that the disc is less likely to have errors on it.)

    Also, the copy of windows 7 professional I downloaded first was "Windows 7 64 bit debugged checked". I thought, well I guess I want one without bugs. WRONG. Don't download that version, it is a software/programmer version and it runs poorly compared to the regular "windows 7 professional 64 bit" version for home use.

    Yeah I know some of that wasn't really your question but I did it the hard way and it was a huge pain in my ass, I was hoping to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made.

    TL: DR - Unrar it using that program above. Turn it into an .iso file (I guess using the program scout suggested). Burn that to a dvd (or a bootable USB drive). Plug in, restart comp, access bios boot from DVD (or flash drive USB HDD) whichever medium you are using. Follow directions, profit.

    If you want to use a USB instead of a DVD to install your OS, here is a good guide I used to make my bootable USB drive:
    It has the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool program download link as well.
  8. thanks for all the help, i got it to work using a different laptop, i downloaded usb universal and my passport somehow was detected with the pc, sorry i didnt message back earlier ive been dying in dayz trying to get used to the buttons! but thanks everyone for your help
  9. then when you could burn a iso dvd of that os .
  10. scout_03 said:
    then when you could burn a iso dvd of that os .

  11. if you need to reinstall that will be usefull .
  12. oh ok thanks, thats what my friend was telling me, i downloaded win 8 from my school too but cant see myself using it from what i keep hearing
  13. they are already working on another one .
  14. knowing my school ill prob get that one free too
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